Wednesday, January 13


I was going to post the photo of me the day before I delivered so you could see the fattest I've ever been. It's me, on the couch, using my belly as a table, eating pineapple, cellulite dimples all down my leg- you would have been really turned on, so Dustin vetoed the posting of the picture.
Happy and plump at 37 weeks....

A far cry from a few years back when
I worked out everyday and ate healthy!
I've never been the type to "diet" except for when I was getting ready for my wedding...and I was really pleased with the hard work I put in to get there. I think diets are stupid. You eat great for a while, lose the weight and then go back to your garbage eating ways....but I never have had care what I put in my body. I could eat whatever I wanted and It wouldn't make a difference. Here's a great example of me doing that very thing:
I've never had to fight my way back to a "previous" weight, and I've never had to resist food. But with the last 15lbs. to get rid of, I realize now that I can't continue in this unhealthy mindset of eating if I don't drastically change the way in which I relate to food and my body. And I SWEAR these last few L.B.'s are sticking to my thighs like it's their friggin' life's mission.
It's actually quite irritating!

The last few weeks I've been on a diet. "Diet" is such a stupid word....really, I've just been saying "NO" to foods I would have otherwise said "YES" to. I'm saying no to wine, condiments, brownies, coffee creamer, UN-healthy snacking, Mexican food, things covered in grease, things oozing with chocolate, OK i need to stop right now. Describing these things is only making me want them more! It's really a change in life style. I can't just eat right for a season. I have to make good choices with what I eat, to instill healthy eating habits for my son.
He won't want to eat green beans if he never sees me eat them.

My whole vision is just being more conscious of what I'm putting into my body. Instead of a breakfast burrito, I'm having egg whites with a protein shake. Instead of an extra helping of pasta, I'm having an extra helping of broccoli. Instead of munching on chips, I'm munching on raw bell peppers (they're so watery and crunchy!) This hasn't been as easy for me as I thought it would. I don't like the idea of withholding yummy things from myself. Food is such a huge pleasure for me. But I realized that I have been eating the wrong way. I was eating portions that were too large, and I was mindlessly snacking all day long. There was really no rhyme or reason to my eating habits. If i wanted it, I had it.

I'm finding now that what I put into my body is what I will get out of it.

I was talking to another mom once about after baby weight loss, and telling her how I wanted to get back to where I was before baby, and feel cute in my old clothes. She told me that it should be OK if i never wear my old jeans again because "I'm a mom now". I disagree. I was once super fit and healthy. I don't see why us mom's have to settle for after baby bodies. I know a mom who has 2 kids and her body is hotter than before she had her babies! It can be done!
Dustin's hair isn't as fluffy as it used to be...
as for my abs these days, they're pretty fluffy.

Yesterday I had a Dr's appointment with the doc who delivered Conrad. She told me that at my first Dr's appointment when I was 12 weeks pregnant, I was 124 lbs...and that's about where I am now. It's really not about a certain weight as much as it is about feeling more confident in my skin. Feeling strong, being healthy for my son and husband, having more endurance, making goals for myself and seeing them through. That's the whole idea with my New Years resolution.

Running with the girls and getting a lot of good advice from them has really helped with my training. I have been really encouraged by their drive and focus. I'm having to discipline myself to eat right and sleep-which has been the hardest part for me-going to bed at a decent hour! With only being half way finished with my last twilight book and all.... (I know someones going to rebuke me for that) It's hard to put it down and go to sleep so I can be rested for my runs.

It's a process. Getting healthy and in shape. It takes time. I'll get there.


  1. Love this post.... you look so cute in all the pics, and my was your belly big... Im with you on this and def... know its worth it and can be done!

  2. thanks Rasha!

    I was massive. That baby bump was no joke-it was huge!

  3. I loved this post. I agree! Dieting is silly! But making health conscious choices isn't. It's important and completely healthy. I, too am making better health decisions and I know that it will get easier. It just takes a little bit of time. We can do it! School and time restricts a lot of exercise that I need, but I'm working on it. I'm tired of making excuses. It's important to be a healthy role model for my family. :-)

  4. I believe you look fabulous as you are now...I know, I know. I don't listen either. It's all about how YOU feel and what your COMFORTABLE with. I am very proud of you. I admire your stregnth and will power to eat right and run.

  5. I hear you! eating healthier is a hard adjustment. And working out is a hard commitment. but once you get in a habit its alot easier. I stopped drinking soda for 5 years, the first month was hard. And after high school my jeans became a lil tight (thanks to those dozen cookies at midnight, not a good idea) but I did what you're talking about. Eating healthier and watching my calorie intake. You can eat what you want as long as you work it off. You'll get there, you look great for just having a baby! I support you 100% and if you need any help or venting i'm here for you, i know the feeling.

  6. thanks ladies.

    I used to say "I can eat what I want because I work out" but for some reason since I've had the baby, it just hasn't worked that way. I can't eat what I want! UGH! I mean, yes, I'd love to be back where I was, but it's mostly about having more energy, having stronger lungs, heart, muscles etc. That's my motivation.

    And Tracy, You look incredible. You really do. And your kind words always mean the world to me. You're the best.

  7. Thanks so much for visiting my blog -- I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts! ^_^

  8. I agree with you its not about being back down to what you were before it about feeling good again in your skin, feeling healthy, eating better. I think its so wonderful that you are training for that race if i was in town i would be right there with you!! I am doing a fitness class and i feel so much better! I just have to get the eating better down, its so hard. back in HS we could eat whatever we wanted to and never have to worry about it. So i totally know how you feel!! I am backing you all the way!!

  9. Chelsea you are awesome!! I'm with you on the diet thing, I just cannot do it. I try and eat better, but I just can't pass up my sweets!
    You are amazing and I can't wait to run again! The half marathon will be a great accomplishment!

  10. Mara, thanks! Yes, this is from my first. I was posting pictures of me when i was pregnant, and then pictures of me before I got pregnant....i guess it's kind of confusing!

    Only one baby. He's 10 months old now!

    I too love your blog and have been reading!

  11. you do look great in all of the pictures -- including the one with the pregnant belly. :)
    you'll make it to your goal -- you're incredibly motivated, so now all you have to do is the work!
    how tall is your husband? and how tall are you?
    my husband is 6'2, almost exactly a foot taller than me (i'm a little over 5'2) and i feel like the height difference between you two is more than the one between us! so i was just curious to know.

  12. angela. my husband is 6'5 I am 5'0. Now that I'm married to a tall man, I always notice tall men-and when I meet them, I always ask how tall they are (a question my husband hates to be asked...) and ask them what size shoes they wear, and if they have a nice long sleeved shirt on that goes all the way down to their wrists, I ask them where they got it- It's not always the easiest thing to find clothes that fit him right. So I end up looking like the super creepy girl who's overly interested in tall-strangers clothes...My husbands height is one of his best features, in my opinion. I get mad when he's not home to reach stuff for me-or when he stores things super high on shelves. It's annoying.

    Thanks for your sweet comment! You and your husband are incredibly adorable together. I didn't realize there was such a height difference.

  13. wow! that is quite a difference. people always make comments about the height difference between my husband & i (which i'm sure you hear all the time as well). but i love it, i love his height! he comes from a family of incredibly tall people (everyone except his mom, she's a little over 5'5?). his dad is 6'8. so you can imagine how small i look when i'm hanging out at his parents house. haha.
    i'm laughing at you asking tall strangers where they buy their clothes. haha.
    and yes, it's always convenient to have nathan home to reach things that i cannot! i'm very aware of height now also, but i'm horrible at trying to guess how tall people are.

  14. I freaking love you! I couldn't agree with you anymore, there is no reason what so ever to not fit into your old jeans, just because you're a mom. lol...I was so determined about my baby weight I gained with Clover, I was on a "high protein diet" the day I left the hospital. It sucked, but I did it and I learned to eat that way and eventually I didn't mind eating, eggs, chicken, veggies, grape fruit...etc. The results are awesome and it's nice to feel good about your self. I still eat less carbs than I use to, I like eating high protein, I feel healthier. Although, I still have my "corona with lime" or "Sam Adams" "here and there", and I also have sweets "here and there" too. It's ok to treat your self "here and there" just don't over do it. And if you're running and dieting, you should be fine with treating your mouth with a glass of wine or piece of cake. You’re doing great Chels and I support you all the way!!! Although I think you look good already :)

  15. Very inspiring. Im determined to get into shape after I have this baby too! Although by body will NEVER be the same considering all the stretch marks :(. But your right, its about being healthy and teaching our children how to make healthy food choices too. And actually following through with something which is always the hardest part for me, I want that sense of accomplishment. In the mean time Im going to enjoy being pregnant and eating not so healthy. Good luck to you!

  16. Good to hear from you cassey! Yeah, dont sweat it. Be happy and pregnant! That's the best part! I can't even tell you how many bags of spicy lime cheetos I ate when I was pregnant. It was like a food group for me. All i WANTED was cheetos! I am really surprised how the stretch marks have faded over time. Everyone who has them told me to give it about 2 years and you'd be amazed at how they look-but right after the baby was born I was really sad that I didn't have the luck that my friends had with not getting them. It's super depressing.

    You are so beautiful pregnant though. And You're going to be so good with both of your kiddos! Can't wait to see that baby when it comes!