Monday, January 4

This weekend:
We threw my Mom a surprise 50th birthday bash:
She was really surprised!
Gran wore a really cute sweater, and we posed for a picture!
Mom, me and Vinni
Mom being a goof-ball.

We rang in the new year by eating Thai takeout,
{listening to the New Moon soundtrack for the millionth time}
and playing Scrabble with our friends
Adam & Sarah:
I changed all of our names to Twilight names. That way, we would play better.
Sarah and I came up with some really good words.
And, Conrad threw up all over grandma and grandpa for the first time while they were babysitting, which is why we had to leave my mom's birthday bash early and rescue him.
He's a trooper!


  1. Those are the cutest jammies I've ever seen :)

  2. Conrad says "thanks auntie twacy for my jam-jams! wov you!"