Friday, December 25

Weekly Surf: Christmas Edition

Some of the loveliest ladies I know
wearing some serioiusly festive Christmas sweaters!
The dude having green & red
pancakes Christmas morning...

Hope you were surrounded by love this holiday.

Happy surf:

even girl babies can get in on some pirate's booty
wearing an eye patch!

perfect wall art for a little guys room

in the mood for some peppermint bark?

The Big Picture 2009 {part 2}
#7 breaks my heart.

I LOVE this quilt but I found a similar one for $7
at the thrift store a few years back.
I love you Anthropologie, but you sure know how to rob us ladies blind

{Thank you April} it goes with everything

I'm really in love with Martha Stewart at the moment...
I LOVE this amazingly simple card wreath! She's a genius.

these three birds


  1. thats a seriously legit picture. like frame status. i love the alkie girl who couldnt put her drink down long enough to take a picture. and you. it was so good to see you.

  2. i've never thought of putting food dye into my pancakes--what a great idea! how festive :)

  3. My dad used to do it when my sisters and I were little. We'd have rainbow pancakes. What a guy right? to make 4 different batches of pancakes so we could have different colors!

    It's a tradition we hope our son will appreciate.