Tuesday, December 22

Thrifty Finds:

On a budget, a girl has to truly get creative.

How can I organize my jewelry
without spending a butt load on a cute jewelry organizer....
Or what do I do if Target's tooth brush holders cost a butt load?

Go to the mother-loving thrift store ladies, where you WONT spend a BUTT LOAD!
{and think outside the box while you're there!}
Granny's old candy dish just became
my new jewelry organizer!
Orange hippo soap/tooth brush holder,
what are YOU doing at the thrift store SIR?
Who would ever let you go? I ask.
Orange hippo-slash Soap-slash-huge mouth- holder became my new
soap holder-slash tooth-brush holder....wait...what?! anyway!

Don't try to fool me with your Jedi mind-thrift storing tricks!
Thats what she said...Ok, that doesn't apply!

whatever, this soap dish was not about to be left on the shelf
to fend for his adorable self.

If you find anything amazing. Please let me know.
It makes my day to find a good treasure!
I'm like a junky, a thrift-storeing-fiend for the good stuff In life!

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