Tuesday, December 29

What'd you do this weekend?

I wheeled my little terror around in this blue toy bin
until he laughed so hard he wanted to cry,
I ate french food, took photos of my gorgeous expectant friend Liz, hung out with my baby, got some rolls of film developed, laughed with friends, snuck wine into a 9:30 showing of New Moon with my equally Rob-sessed friend Sarah, who is celebrating a birthday this week! I got to eat some Korean BBQ cooked by this guy:

This is Dustin's "get your camera out of my face" face as he reads a cook book. He made what he calls "pear puzzles" with honey on the inside. It's pretty much just a pear cut into 5 pieces that all fit together with honey oozing all down in it
....so what, I could make it-bit whoop!

Pear Puzzles:
We ate a smorgasbord of left over chicken soup, arugula salad, a side of roasted tomatoes with caramelized garlic, and pear puzzles for dessert. Sarah and Adam came over for dinner and we played the office DVD game-which was lame sauce, but hearing everyone do Dwight impressions made it all worth while.
We went to Lows and picked out lighting fixtures and
Color samples for Conrad's bathroom {blue},
Our bedroom {red or orange...},
& our kitchen {mustard}

I'm not getting crazy-just doing accent walls.
I don't want my home looking like a circus or anything, trust me.
But since we're staying here for a while....I might as well get settled in.

Have a great week!


  1. love the paint colors I did my kitchen yellow when i lived in chicago, sigh I miss that place