Friday, October 23

Show off your fashion!

Fall Fashion: Day Five

I am wearing:

Flats: Doll House (from Ross)
Shirt: Thrifted
Jeans: Gap
(First pair I bought when I was getting fat when I was pregnant.
They'er baggy and comfortable. I wear them all the time.)
Suspenders & Earrings: Thrifted. 3 dollars total.
{I sewed on buttons to the front and back of jeans.}
Jacket: American Eagle
(X-mas gift 4 years ago. It's not cold enough for it yet, but I'm itching to wear it.
The smell of leather makes me quite happy!)

In much more important news......
wait for it.....wait for it.....I can't stand it any longer!
{Conrad giving kisses to Daddy after his interview}

We're so overjoyed and excited to announce-
Dustin had a 5 hour long interview with an environmental engineering firm yesterday, and they loved him. They said that out of everyone they've interviewed, Dustin was the most qualified and had the most experience. (They also were impressed with his philosophy back ground, which made him feel like switching his major after being half way finished getting his philosophy degree wasn't such a bad thing after all!)
They said they would be calling to make an offer in the next week.

We're both really blown away at how God has put this in our laps. The company he's working for now was kind enough to let him know well in advance that the intern program would be ending in December, which meant that Dustin would be jobless. Since the job market is so scarce, we were looking at all of our options (moving in with the in laws... insert sad face here______ ) But then this amazing opportunity came along! God is so faithful. Dustin is excited to finally be done with school and start his career. Just the thought of health insurance, paid vaca, sick days!!! It's enough to make me want to run around in circles til' I fall on the floor giggling, kicking my legs in the air!


  1. LOVE THAT OUTFIT! That picture is ADORABLE too. I let out a little "awwww" when I saw it!

  2. Congratulations on the interview! Times are hard right now and the economy doesn't seem to be getting better, although I hope it does. Love the suspenders, those are hot! You and I should go thrift shopping, it's wayy fun. Miss you and Conrad's face :(

  3. congrats to your hubby!! what an exciting time for him. (and you!) You look incredible and I'd love to see more of that jacket because I am in love with leather jackets and think they are so laid-back cool & can pull together any outfit. also... SHOES!!

  4. When your clothes are in the closet, they seem like a mess to me. But you always make them look great when you put them on. Don't know how you do it.

    Best one yet Chels. You look great.

  5. Thanks Guys!

    I'm very excited to see where our lives will go.

    And excited that since our friends are all moving in the next few months, we'll actually have the money to go visit which doesn't make me as sad. (side note)

    Dustin, I'm proud of you.
    And thanks for understanding the madness that is my closet!

  6. woohoo!! God is good!! and you missy are a fabulous shopper/thrifter/dresser... I love it!!

  7. this is amazing! the yellow shirt, the suspenders, the earrings, the jacket: love! congrats on the interview also.

  8. So exciting about your news...coming from a house where a philosophy degree has gotten us nothing but a bunch of blank stares it is nice to hear it acknowledged in the "real" world.
    and your cute. I'll admit seeing suspenders come back in made me cringe a bit (showing my age I think a tad) but you wear them with panache. Love it.