Sunday, October 25

Show off your fashion! Birthday-weekend Edition

Birthday Fashion: Day Six

I am wearing:
Dress: Sofia's closet
Shoes: Doll House
Purse: Chico's- Yard Sale
Jacket: American Eagle

Husband Is wearing:
Shirt, Jeans, Tie: Express
Jacket: Thrifted
(he purchased this jacket the year we met.
It's my fav. thing he wears)
Leather Loafers: Hush Puppies

Reason we are dressed in such attire you ask?
It was my 25Th Birthday and we went out to dinner.

BUT the fun didn't stop there....
The next day I was blind folded and taken to a spa for a massage and facial!

After my spa retreat, we went to the park for a surprise picnic. Dustin went to Whole Foods and got pizza, wine, berries, tiny desserts, and sandwiches for us to eat. We laid under the trees in the grass enjoying the cool October night. It was incredibly sweet and made up for all of the date nights in the past that were spent studying or laying on the couch being pregnant! We've decided that picnics are more enjoyable than restaurants, less expensive, and must happen as much as possible.

In other birthday news, one of my best girlfriends got me an awesome water proof digital camera, which i can't wait to use this summer. She went to 3 stores trying to replace my broken Polaroid camera that I bought from her at her own garage sale last year, but couldn't find one, and instead got me a sweet water proof camera! So fun! Thank you Tracy! I didn't even ask for the camera, but LOVE it. She said her theory on gifts is, if you really listen to your friends, you wont have to ask them what they want. So true!

This weekend I felt incredibly cherished by those who I love.
It was the best birthday I could have ever wished for.

{Overjoyed Birthday girl}


  1. what a wonderful husband you have. Times like those you cherish the most. Its the little things that count.
    I can remember the day you were born and now you're 25 and a mother yourself. Wow the years are flying by.
    love you honey

  2. Adorable. Happy Birthday. You are beautiful. And I am drooling over the yellow jacket and those flowered pumps.

    It looks and sounds like you had a great birthday, which is exactly what you deserve<3

  3. Well, it sounds like you had a blasty blast and you totally deserve it. And you are very welcome. :)

  4. This is me commenting on how much I LOVE the "what i'm wearing" posts! =) Especially because you brought Dustin into it! I love it! (seriously) You guys are "fly" & "rad" etc etc. Glad you enjoyed your b-day-it looked very special!

  5. Happy Birhtday!!! I just discovered your blog. Thanks for all your help at the sale . . . it was great to meet you.

  6. awe I love your outfit annnd happy birthday! Someimes its nice to get away from the little one (granted all you do is think about them when you are away) haha. I love the photo of your guys's shoes! and thanks for the comment on my shop, we have put in sweat and tears into it hehe just let me know if you ever need anything we do custom orders too :)

  7. Happy (belated) Birthday! That jacket is gorgeous, green with envy over here!

  8. three things:

    1. I LOVE the outfit you wore on your birthday!! SO cute!

    2. The picture of Dustin at the park should be in a magazine or something, are you a photographer or something :)

    3. I want to see you in person soon!!

    I'm glad you had a good birthday pretty lady!!