Monday, October 26

Pearly Whites & Long nights

Conrad started teething around the 3.5 month mark. His hour long wailing sessions every other night, and refusal to eat was starting to make Dustin and I lose our minds, and at one point, I went into see the doctor thinking surely it was a massive ear infection, or some kind of crazy infection, something, just something to explain why my son screams almost nightly and I can't make it better!

It was teething.

That's all.

She said he was probably just one of those babies that will teeth for a long time, and have trouble with the pain (which, trust me on this people, I have tried everything from Tylenol, Motrin, vanilla extract, ice cubes, frozen mangos, Oregel, teething tablets, frozen wash clothes and everything else under the sun). My doctor said she felt sorry for me, his ears looked fine, and sent my sad soul my way....

BUT.......after lots of sweat, Orajel and tears (mostly our tears, not Conrad's) We finally have teeth!!!
They're still just barely peeking through the gums, but they're there! They're there and Conrad is flossin' his new pearly whites like a badge of honor. And I'm showing them off to everyone who shows the slightest interest. I pried his mouth open today at the store for a granny who stopped us to make goofy faces at him & tell him he was cute. I was all "Well, if you think he's cute, watch this." as I tilted his head back and held his tongue down so she could see those beauties. I'm just so excited that after months of teething-hell, we finally have something to show for it! Talk about overzealous first time mother.

Congrats on your teeny-tiny-sweet little ice caps buddy.
You look like Paul Wall with that grill. So thug.


  1. Story just sprouted her first two teeth within the last month. It's such an exciting milestone!

    I feel ya on the pain though... Story also suffered for months. Hopefully the subsequent teeth won't be so hard on them.

    Randomly found your blog btw. I like it! :-)

  2. Thanks girlie.

    Glad i'm not the only mother whose baby goes through months of teething! It's pretty rough.

    Story, what a sweet sweet name. I like it!

  3. The last picture reminds me of a Younglife skit. haha. hes so sweet.

  4. Yippee for teeth!!! Isn't it happy to see some pearly whites in there:) I hope his next ones are a little easier, poor dude.

  5. Yay Conrad! Clover teethed, for what seemed like FOREVER as well. What a great picture of those teefers, I wish Clover would let me take a picture of her teeth. She pushes my hand away :(...

  6. That pic was taken in the bath last night as he was splashing and I was making evil laughing sounds. That was the only way I could get him to smile big enough to get those teeth.

    I sure hope it gets easier from here.
    Thanks guys!