Tuesday, July 14


(If that little pouty lip isn't enough to break your heart, I don't know what is!)

We went to the Dr. today. 
Conrad doesn't have an ear infection like I suspected. 
He's just teething...majorly. 

The doctor said she feels sorry for me 
because he could end up teething horribly like this for months 
without showing a tooth...

Needless to say, I had the day from hell. 
(Well, it could be worse, I'm sure....but it was pretty bad.) 
He wouldn't sleep unless he was on my chest, 
and woke up every time I tried to put him in his crib. 

My chest is sticky from the remnants of Tylenol, and Orajel 
from cuddling the little drooly-monster....
for hours and hours and hours!
But it could be worse! 

Whoever said raising a baby was a walk in the park
 needs to walk into traffic wearing a blindfold!

Everyday is a new adventure!


  1. Too bad he won't use a teething ring. That cold teething ring on his gums would feel so good.
    Hopefully his tooth will come in quickly and he will be the happy smiling Conrads again.
    Love that pouty mouth. Just like his Mommys.

  2. He likes frozen wash rags, orejel and his binky....

    teething rings are hard plastic. He'll chomp on my finger if theres nothing else to chomp on because it's squishy and fleshy....

    Thanks Gran.

  3. poor guy! what a cute lip though lol. my addison has a similar lip- its very easy to use it against daddy.

    pray pray pray. God can help teething too! :o)