Thursday, October 22

show off your fashion!

Fall Fashion week: Day Four

What I am wearing:
Dress & mustard tights- Forever21 {clearance rack 2 years ago}
Sweater- Nordstrom Rack
Boots- Banana Republic {buffalo Exchange}

It's funny, last night I was talking with some other mamas about how when you're at home all day with your baby getting pooped on, thrown up on, and you've got dried peas in your hair (from your baby sneezing in your face right after you've spooned in a mouthful of food) you don't have time to think about dressing cute. It seams like I end up changing outfits several times a day somedays caring for a messy baby. When you're at home all day, you wear clothes you can get dirty in, you don't wear cute floral dresses. I usually wear normal-presentable clothes when I've got dr's apts, lunches with friends, or going to work- otherwise I'm wearing tank tops and yoga pants. That's why celebrating fall fashion week this week has been so much fun. I love to see how everyone else expresses themselves through their fashion.

Check out what the fashionistas' are wearing!


  1. love that dress! so cute....I think spit peas could blend right in as foliage and you'd still look dazzling. :)

  2. love ALL of this! The colors are so bright and cheery- good reminder that fall/winter doesn't have to = drab... :)

  3. LOVE! Isn't that sort of cobalt blue universally flattering?! The colors are so lovely.

  4. Very fun! I love the dress and the color combo.