Wednesday, September 9

Today was a day of "firsts"

FIRST time he sat in a shopping cart like a big boy:

FIRST time he sat in a swing and didn't cry:

wrist roll, thigh roll. awesome.

FIRST time he helped Mama sort mail-and snacked on a few bites.
He had so much fun crinkling that paper.
If I ever run out of toys, I'll just give him grocery adds!

{He's so big!}


  1. I love the swing angle:) What a sweetie that kid is.

  2. What a Big Boy he's gettin' to be!! Sometimes I think he looks just like Dustin; but when Conrad 'purses' his lips together, he looks just like his Mama...Both adorable in my book!! Let's take the Lil' Guy to the park this week-end Chels. Love Ya Both Dearly:)

  3. Oh my goodness, SO cute.

    Those rolls are the best.

  4. aww so precious! These will be great to look back at. You're kids will have the best photos!