Monday, September 14

Weekend in photos

Enjoyed breakfast with her:
Thank you Amanda, you pretty little thing, for inspiring me. Seeing Jesus lived out so passionately in your life lights a fire under my ass, and I just love you to pieces. I love you so much. I mean that. 
(You make me want short hair. Your hair is pretty fantastic. )
 I ate Lox and died. They were out of this world. I LOVE Espresso! 
Little man got squishes. 
A squishy is when you get a really hard, slobbery blow/kiss on the neck or belly. 
Sometimes I tickle him so much he cries.... It's not right.
He celebrated Auntie Allies birthday 
and she made him into a studly little hipster. 
He laughed & laughed. 
On the way home he told me he wanted a cousin. 
So you need to make that happen, like pronto. 

Hey, I didn't say it, these are Conrad's wishes. 
      They had a snuggle and splash.  
Conrad drank from a cup at Traders. Drinking from a cup?! 
That's just small stuff people!
Next week I'll post the pictures of him cutting his steak and eating it with a fork. 
.....{He's crazy smart.} 


  1. bahaha tell conrad he can be my baby sitter :) just kidddingggg

  2. aaawwweee I love this!!! I think a proper photo shoot is in order now though!!! I love you to pieces Chelsea!!!