Wednesday, September 9

I think you're an awesome girl too!

Thanks to this sweet little lady for this blog award:

Which requires 10 useless/interesting facts about me:

1. My dyslexia got me fired from a job once.
Apparently, reading numbers backwards isn't a good quality of a banker.
2. I can't start my day without making my bed. I wasn't like this before I got married.
3. I locked the bathroom door and shaved my legs against my mothers will when I was 11.
All of the boys called me gorilla legs. I was a bloody mess.
4. My husband has inspired me to develop my own photos in a dark room.
We will have one someday.
5. I would rather live in a tiny home so we could afford to show our children the world.
We will travel eventually, and I'm very excited about that.
6. I make Conrad's food myself. I like to know exactly what goes into his dinner.
It makes me feel good.
7. I broke Dustin's nose while wrestling when we were dating.
He now suffers from a deviated septum. Sorry honey.
8. I don't read directions, manuals, self help books, I never follow recipes
and I'm starting to believe this is my downfall.
9. I once ate Dinner with an old homeless Vietnam vet in San Francisco.
10. I'm afraid of guns. I think I should take a class to overcome my fear of them.

Some awesome girls I know:

Now its your turn!

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