Tuesday, September 22

Owl V-neck Cardigan for baby boy:

Our little baby owl will have his own owl attire.
{Dada & Conrad making bird mouths. Baby bird 2 weeks old}

This is a sweater that I got when I was pregnant from Target for a whole $2.00 on the clearance rack. Go me! It was drab, and I made it fab with hounds tooth corduroy elbow pads, and a googly-button-eyed owl with a crooked beak (Thanks to Morgans sewing machine. Our afternoon crafting time is my fav. You should see some of the amazing girlie things she has made. Her vintagie girl dresses are out-of-this-world. Can't wait to see Eliza in them!)
It's sad when you shop for boy clothes and you only have two puny racks to choose from, and yet the girls clothes rack is bursting with adorableness from wall to all....which inspires me to create things that I love, that a boy can wear.

{More to come!}
Look out for Morgan's Etsy shop coming soon.


  1. i LOVE this sweater. You are the best mama bird!!!

  2. oh my gosh. it is SO CUTE! i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. you were right, it is totally my style!

  3. I just purchased everything for Jonas's sweater today...Can't wait to debut it. It's more grown up looking. You're going to love it.

    (This sweater was first intended for my lovely friend Christina's boy Jonas, and then I realized it would be way too small, and now I'm working on his big boy sweater!)

  4. I LOVE how crafty you are. I made an attempt at sewing once, and by attempt I mean my parents bought me one to teach myself on and I opened it, looked at how I was SUPPOSED to put the thread thru and decided to sell it a garage sell. LMAO!!

  5. OH...I FINALLY bought Pyper leg warmers. AHH!! I AM SO EXCITED!! There a little long on her legs yet nut I can't WAIT to wear mine with her. LMAO!!

  6. That should say BUT not NUT, I was just so excited.

  7. I love leg warmers on babies. It's hard to tell if leg warmers on boys are gay, but i still think they're darling. Especially his leg warmers with trucks.

    So fun!

  8. i love your blog...you are fearless, lady! conrad is adorable, and your faith is inspiring.

    thanks for dropping by my blog :)