Thursday, September 24

An afternoon with the homies:

Play date at the farmers market. Woot Woot!

{Where was "O" You ask?? He was off on adventures fighting dragons and shooting pistols at bad guys. He's a mover and a shaker and can't be stopped. That's just how he rolls. He doesn't take life sitting down. Conrad and his Lady Love, ("L") were holding still, posing for their "most beautiful baby blues" contest. Instead of staring contests, they have pose-and-stare-into-the camera contests.}


  1. I love you! I love that hanging out with you = a professional photography session. You crack me up. Seriously, you are the best even if the market sucked:)

    PS. thanks for coding the baby names:)

  2. I love the bubble drool rolling down his chin. LOL. I call pyps bubbles sometimes cause she loves to spit bubbles. :)