Thursday, September 24

10:30 Is way too late to be up giving you a bath!

Looking into the eyes of the storm:
10:30 Is way past your bed time young man! But you're up, because you're a crazy little baby with a mind of your own and on this particular night, you decided (after you'd already been asleep for 3 hours) that it was time to party, "Not time to sleep Mommy!" Oh, well goodness, in that case, lets just stay up all night and stuff our faces with candy until we throw up! NOT!

It's time for bed MR!

After countless failed attempts to rock your (spoiled) butt to sleep, we decided a hot bath was in order. You gave us one of those adorably-devilish, crazy laughs of yours and we knew we had to fight hard against your cute-evil baby powers. Daddy gave you a foot rub with lavender oil to relax you, (we were exhausted and about to put you in a basket on the neighbors door step if you didn't simmer down quick.) Your bath was lovely until we heard bubbles in the water and realized you had "sharted". Your cute-bubbly "sharts" had us laughing, and quickly had us gagging. We realized we were in the eye of a full blown crap-storm! "Hurricane Conrad's ass" was sparing no one. The water was mustard colored, it was sick. (I had to go there.) Sorry. We drained the tub, and bath time was over. Dustin stood Conrad up against the side of the tub and I washed the clumps of crap off. It was sick....I already said that.

And you were still giggling away into the wee hours. You crazy little baby you!

Exhibit A:


  1. OMG Chelsea, you crack me up! Pooping in the bath tub is the worse ever. lol. Clover does that waking up thing at like 3:00 am and thinks it's party time, she giggles and laughs and talks to herself, while Braden and I are praying for her to settle down and fall asleep. LOL god bless you and your cute little family! LOL, I love it!

  2. We've been letting him cry it out the last few nights.It's not easy turning off the monitors and teaching him to put himself to sleep...But I want him to be independant and learn to do it. He's at the age where he knows how to play us now. He's a clever little fella.

    Hows the little clover pie? I'm bummed I didn't get to come to lunch with you and brittny this week! Conrad needed a good nap after his dreaded shots!