Monday, September 21

6 Months:

Calm, cool & collected @ 3 months:
Confidence is just beaming off of him.
Look at that bad ass-stare he's giving me....He's SO owning' this scale.
Angry, half naked & cold @ 6 months:
He so wants to own the scale... but isn't really feeling' it.
One of the funniest things about raising this Lil' monster is feeding him solids. He gets angry because he expects his food to come in a constant flow like it would if he were drinking a bottle and it doesn't. He will get mad if I take too long scraping the excess food from the spoon onto the side of the bowl. He would much rather I slop it right in there as fast as possible and make a big mess than be neat and savor each bite. His fits have gotten so bad, at times, I've had to take him out of his high chair and calm him down because he wants his food faster than I'm able to shovel it, and gets frustrated. It's really adorable, but It kind of scares me how much he loves food.

This is such a fun age though. SIX months!!! Wow, time flies!

I love Conrad's belly laughs when I growl and nibble on his fingers, he thinks it's the funniest thing ever. His favorite toy is mail. If we walk to the mail box, and I have my boy, and my mail in the same arm, Conrad will make sure to soak each envelope in baby goo. He loves to crinkle paper more than he loves anything that flashes or squeaks.

Happy 6 months of life, little love.

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