Monday, August 17

The Dallas Aquarium

Here are a few of my favorite shots from our little trip to the aquarium. The baby slept almost the whole time, except when I got too close to a bird, and he tried to peck my eye out and I screamed while my whole family laughed their asses off at how hilarious it would have been had he actually made contact. Brandon goes "Please tell me you got that Mom!" Below is a photo of the beast that tried to kill me.
Sea Horse

Happy Shark
Mom & Dad

My most favorite shot of the whole trip was this sickeningly adorable shot of my little bro and his gorgeous girlfriend kissing in the aquarium-the best part is that they had no idea I was taking this, and that's what I love the most. I just want to squish them, they're so cute.


  1. reading about all of your fun adventures makes me want to blog! if only there were more hours in a day!

  2. YOU should! I enjoy it. I've been telling my friends to blog so we can be blog buddies....

    How's Aiden!? He's a little punkin' head.

  3. he's getting so big! we're having so much fun! I got a couple of huge maps at costco for his walls and he loves them. he's been showing me where everyone lives (according to him) so far diego has LOTS of I love it! conrad is too freaking cute and man those baby blues! you're going to have girls lining up when he gets older!

  4. Thanks. He has his dad's eyes, and my webbed toes.
    He looks so much like Dustin to me- but out feet are identical.

    Aiden is a cutie! I like that you put maps in his room. I think that's a great idea. Incorporating learning into his decor-

    We're so blessed to have boys. Be thinking about what you're doing for Halloween. I'm throwing a halloween party at my house. I'd love you to come. Take care.