Monday, August 17

The awesomest uncles ever

My brothers Vinni & Brandon played with Conrad ALL weekend while we were in Texas for Brandon's graduation from Northern Texas University. My baby bro is so big now- and so handsome! I'm so proud! They adore their nephew and It warms my heart!
Us at breakfast
Vinni looking dapper at the graduation

Uncle Vinni gave my back a rest at the farmers market.
He carried the boy all day. They sat on a bench and looked up at the trees above.

They played in the car
Conrad was intrigued.

Brandon helping Conrad pet his first horsie

I have the worlds most incredible brothers.


  1. precious... you are the cutest mommy i know!

  2. I have the most handsome grandsons and a beautiful grandaughter and a wonderful adorable great grandson. I love those pictures of you all.