Wednesday, August 19

Grape Vine- more photos from our trip

Mom and I having a girls afternoon.
This guy was very excited to sell his veggies.
This is how Conrad took his naps almost the entire trip.
Dustin advised me not to cling to my schedule too much and just go with the flow.
He was right, everything was fine. I get stressed about him getting good naps.
We waited in a packed barbershop for a shave my brother never got
because time ran out, but Larry the barber made my day.
When I was pregnant, I pictured us getting Conrad's first hair cut by an old man just like Larry.
I imagine taking lots of black and whites.....
and Conrad sitting in an old fashioned leather chair like this one.
Boys should have their hair cut in old barber shops by old men.
How great is that, popcorn while you wait!
The little man was such a good traveler, except when he cried non stop for a half hour and everyone in the car was like "We neeeed to get out of this car quickly!"

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