Monday, June 29

Away we went...

We went and saw "Away We Go" this weekend and it was tremendous.

It was either that or Transformers and although I liked the first Transformers, and Megan Fox is hawt, I think i'll wait til' it goes to DVD.

I LOVED the movie. I kind of hate how Jim does that mumbling thing though in every movie he's in. It's annoying, but whatevs. It was really sweet and made me cry a gazillion times.

I want Dustin to get some cute plasticy frames next time he gets new glasses. He's had the same ones for....wait for it....4 years! Throw em' out already! Ugh!
Nerd it up baby! You're not a "nerd" you're just a I right or am I right??
I hope that doesn't get me punched...
Dustin only hits me sometimes. Kidding

and Jim looks just like my little brother in law Tate. Like twinsies.... so twinsies.

enough of my randomness, go see the movie and report back.

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