Monday, June 29

Conrad this week...

Snuggle bear in his air plane attire.
He got a new toy from his Nana for 15$ at a yard sale!
He wore cute jammies to bed
Experienced the pool....
baby does open mouthed kisses...he doesn't get it yet. But I like it anyway.
I don't mind slobbery kisses. Daddy doesn't either.
Lil' blue eyes...He's sooooo Dusitn
He's starting to get the rolling thing down. He's a stud.
Dimples = awesome.
Bath time!


  1. I love it!!! He is so sweet and cute. I cannot wait to hold his little booty again. Can we play date soon? We are back in town now, maybe later this week.

  2. i just want to eat him up he is sooooo cute!!
    ps you are looking hot mama!!