Monday, June 29

Beautiful Allie

Allie has modeled about 8 garments for BJK Couture, (my friend Bobbie's designs) and she looks stunning in ALL of them, I must say.... Last Saturday we were down on Main St. & Charleston at 6:45 AM, before it got super hot to photograph these pieces for Bobbies line. I love that part of town. They have the best breakfast place on the planet (The Coffee Cup, best Goodwill in town, and lots of fun buildings and interesting shops.) Anyway- enough of me, more of Allie...i know i know.


  1. she looks great! and of course, you did another amazing job Chelsey! I'm going to have to have you take some more pics for me!


    Jessica, I'd love to take your photo anytime. You let me know and we'll have us a little photo shoot!