Friday, April 17

No Mom Hair here

Every time someone has a baby, they seem to chop their hair off. Maybe it's because they're sick of their babies death grip, pulling out adorable- baby- sized chunks of hair, or they're sick of wearing buns and pony tails, or that shorter hair is easier to manage! (I can barely get out of the house these days without forgetting to put on deodorant. He's my priority. Making sure he doesn't look like a train wreck with eye boogies, and poopies, and dirty shirts, and milk mustaches! I don't have a lot of time to dry and straighten my hair...)

But I've always wanted to go short- So this might just be the perfect time. But I have a few concerns. I have a round face and I have a few more "LB'S" to shed, so short hair might just make me look even more round. 

Then theres the ugly stage of growing hair back out that I always hated when I was growing my hair long. And I hate the shock of doing something drastic with my hair. I don't want to cry in the hairdressers chair- especially because she's a good friend of mine. I flipped out when she cut bangs...and now i LOVE them. So.....yeah. Hair is a big deal.

My hair girl told me NO when I wanted to go short earlier this year. She said think about it, and the next time she'd do it. She said that once all of the Victoria Secret models start wearing their hair short, then she'll cut my hair off....she said long hair is "in"?? Whatevs

Also, I think long hair is pretty sexalicious, and theres tons you can do with it- But Dustin has been telling me to go for it for like, years now, so maybe a short spunky hair style will be fun for summer??!

Here are a few ideas. Tell me what you think. 

And if I had the balls, I'd cut my hair like this: because Natalie Portman has to be the hottest woman on the planet. 

Arg! I don't know! I'm torn between two worlds of long vs. short! We'll see. Maybe If i don't go short, i can go buy some sexy short wigs or something fun. 


  1. Auntie Desiree17 April, 2009

    The first 2 pics look great but the last two REALLY short ones not so much! I think if you are gonna do it start slow like shoulder length then if you like it go a little shorter. But please no buy hair cuts! LOL!

  2. Personally, Chels, you have really GOOD long hair and it fits you. You style it really cute braided, in a messy bun, upswept in a pontail, and you look really awesome in a variety of hats too!! Also, some short hair-do's take alot longer to "fix" right every day; and you can't just throw it up in a ponytail when you're running late for work. But, I'm your Mom, I'd love ya anyway you looked, you gorgeous mama ha-ha!!!

  3. I still haven't cut my hair off. I like it long and am scared to go short for the same reason... the grow out period!