Wednesday, April 15

Strapped On

(This is what no sleep looks like y'all. Don't be jealous.)

Yesterday Conrad became a man. He got his wee wee skin cut off. I didn't cry...until the nurse brought him back to me crying... and then I lost it! 

The whole afternoon he refused to nap in his crib. All he wanted to do was cuddle. 

That night after each  feeding, he refused to be placed back in his crib as well, to sleep. So we cuddled, and I got NO SLEEP!

 He preferred to sleep on Daddy's chest, or Mommy's chest on the couch all night after each feeding. And both of us got ZERO sleep! I'm repeating myself, again, we got NO SLEEP! 

I'm pretty against the whole "pile the entire family in the bed and lets all have a slumber party"! From day 1 we said that Conrad WILL NOT sleep with us, EVER under any circumstance! UNLESS HE HAS JUST GOTTEN CIRCUMCISED. (I can just imagine waking up in a pool of little kid pee when he's 3! Not going to happen! NO CO-SLEEPING FOR US!) So we compromised and slept on the couch together, and that was fine with me. 

My Mother in law come over to watch the spawn for me so I could get a few precious hours of sleep today- I was pretty desperate for a nap! I would have sold my right arm for a nap. I was just about to post an add on Craigs List with a picture of my arm and then my Mother in law called. Thank God. 

Dustin's co-worker told him he looked like death today, so when he came home, he went straight to bed. 

If I were a little baby who had just had my junk sliced off, I would have felt pretty crappy too and needed lots of cuddles to get me through the night- so I don't blame the Lil' dude. 

The only good thing about his circumcision was that the doc said Conrad was packin'. She said she usually doesn't have to use the large pee-pee clamper but she did for him. It made me laugh- but I'm sure all baby wieners are the same. She was probably just trying to make me feel better because I was crying. 

He's going to KILL me when he's older for talking about his equipment on my blog. 

(Happy as can be strapped onto Mom)


  1. I cant "wear Kylie" anywhere close to me or else she'll start hyperventalating and want to suck my boob off! Your lucky...we for now are incredibly thankful for the swing.

  2. Auntie Desiree17 April, 2009

    He is looks so friggin' adorable!