Friday, April 17

I think

I see a smile!!! 

Or maybe he's just droppin' a load. 
(I think he just really likes how he looks in his horsey outfit from his Nana.)


  1. i love love love your earrings! haha. and his unforced smile.

  2. THANKS for the earrings my love. You make the best jewelry!

    you made them, and gave them to me right out of your ears when I drooled over them....Love them! Thank you!

  3. I've seen that same "I'M ADORABLE" look on his Mama lots of times!!! And aren't we 'smashin' in our yellow cowboy jumper Nana just had to buy for her Lil' Cowboy Dude...Lots of love and kisses to both my adorable Lil' Ones!!!