Monday, March 9

Boob-ish bottles

My Mom and I went to a cute little baby boutique yesterday called Love Bug Baby off of Eastern and I found some amazing bottles. I am 3 weeks away from having this baby, and have yet to find a bottle that I liked since they all have super pointy long nipples that in no way resemble a human nipple, unless you have cow boobs, which I don't- Maybe if I did, it would be easier for a baby to latch?? I will soon find out. Anyways- So I found these bottles, and I love them because they're the closest to the human boob that I can find, they have a really big squishy top part, and a smaller, more human looking nipple! I carried them around with me in my purse and showed them to everyone who cared or didn't care to hear yesterday. I should be a spokesperson for Adiri. Let's hope Conrad gets as excited as I do.

Adiri Natural Nurser
by Adiri $11.99 per boob bottle

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  1. does he like them? i have had my eye on these for a few years.