Saturday, March 7

"Stay away from the salt!"

Great advice from my Dr. But hard to follow through with if you happen to be craving salty or spicy foods.

Today, Dustin commented on my toes saying "They really are little piggy's now!"

Yes, my toes look like a couple of vanilla tootsie rolls,
Yes, I can't see the bones in my feet anymore because my feet are swollen
Yes, I've retired my heels, ballet flats, and I'm almost at the point of not being able to wear shoes even....
and I'm completely ok with my cankles!

And my fingers are fat now too!

Twice this week, I've had to grease my wedding ring finger up to get my ring off. My mother had warned me to take my ring off weeks ago so I didn't have to have it cut off like she had to have hers cut off when she was preggers.

So what's a girl to do but go to Clairs and buy a gaudy, fake, wedding ring to wear so that strangers don't look at me with pity when they see me waddle through Smiths all knocked up and "unwed" to boot....(Not that being a single Mom is a bad thing, but I am a special case here people, as I already look like I'm not a day past thirteen years old anyways....It may be my pride not wanting to look like a pregnant thirteen year old, but it makes me feel better to have a ring on that finger!) Anyways. To prove that this Clairs ring was totally necessary, I have a picture here to show you just how puffy my finger was with the red indention of my wedding ring that had to be greased up to come off...and now it sits in the medicine cabinet to be worn when I lose all of this water weight. I've caught myself opening the cabinet just to watch it sparkle a few times because my gaudy Clairs ring just doesn't do it for me...

I guess I should have stayed away from the salt!

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