Tuesday, March 10

"Peeing your pants is the coolest"

I had a little chat with my boss today about how long I plan on working before my due date. If i wanted to take the week before I was due off, and I told him I would work as long as I can being that I'm healthy and the baby is healthy. (I would rather stay at work as long as possible so that I get more time with the baby) We talked about the possible chance that my water might break at work, or what our game plan would be if I can't drive myself home/to the hospital etc. I'm thinking this might be a great opportunity then to play the biggest prank of my life and pull a Billy Madison on my boss and brother and splash a little water on my crotch and see what they do...I'm thinking it would be hilarious, (and might also get me fired.) Working in an office with only men has me outnumbered, so they've got it coming to them for all of their making fun of my waddling and poking my belly!

1 comment:

  1. OH MY GOSH, how funny would that be Chelsea!!! Just let me know, so I can come video your "water-breaking at work" sequel. . . Those guys would all be stumbling around stooopid!! ha-ha-ha
    Personally, I wish your water would break ANYWHERE, 'cause Rad's Nana Markus is soooo anxious to see him and love on him. I'm so very proud of how my gorgeous daughter has handled this pregnancy, and I know she;'s gonna push that lil man out like the strong trooper she is.... Love Ya Will All My Heart Lil Chelsea! trooper!!!