Monday, February 23

Update on My life

I had a great Dr.s appointment today, considering they haven't all been that great. Each visit has become more and more frustrating with the Dr. monitoring my weight so closely. I told myself that if I heard another one of our clients at work tell me how huge I am, or had to hear my doctor tell me to stay away from sweets every stinking visit I was going to ring some one's neck....Men Don't understand, Pregnant woman dint like to be told how huge you think they are, or that you think they're having triplets! I'M NOT THAT DANG HUGE PEOPLE! I'M SO OVER IT!

But this visit was great. The doc said the baby is about 5 1/2 lbs now, and she predicts he'll be about 7 1/2- 8 1/2 lbs...big and healthy....I've even lost 3 lbs. since my last visit. She said my severe back pains are from back contractions??! I've brought my heating pad to work, invested in a box of ThermaCare back patches, popped handfuls of Tylenol throughout the day, received countless back rubs, and still, my back hurts like a mother! So say a little prayer for me if you will. The babe is still head down, he's moving a lot, and everything looks good....

Not quite sure how I'm going to manage working all the way to the end. I don't know how some woman do it. It gets harder everyday to move and not complain from being so uncomfortable, tired, in pain, and deal with swollen hands and feet. Sleeping is hard, and I HATE getting up out of bed to pee over and over...(More complaining, my appologies!)

We move into our new condo on Thursday! I'm very excited about it! (If you'd like to help my poor husband carry furniture and boxes, we'd surly appreciate it. We will have a birthing class on Sat. from 9-5, but we'll be moving Thurs,Fri, & Sunday if you would like to help! We won't be there on Saturday because of the class, but my parents will be, so come on down! We're moving into another unit in the same building, so there will be no trucks, just walking furniture over!)

This has been a hectic few weeks with Dustin's school schedge, us both working, 2 baby showers, boxing things up for the move & getting organized....I'm glad it's almost over so i can start putting Conrad's room together! I've been itching to put his little clothes on hangers, paint his room, put his crib together and get ready! I need all the help I can get, as It is hard to bend over and there isn't a lot I can do being 8 months pregnant trying to move and clean!...So if you are bored and feel charitable, please come help me!

We found out last night that there may be a possibility that Grandma Lois might move down to Vegas! She said she's had some people look to buy her house in Illinois and it's gotten too big for her to tend, so while she has been here in town, she has looked at a few houses in Henderson/green valley! This would be a HUGE answer to prayer for us because she would be able to help us out A LOT with the baby. We're very excited and can't wait to see what God does!

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