Wednesday, February 25

Update on my life cont.

We will no longer be needing help moving into the other unit now as our good friends Angie & Dom have offered to rent out their condo to us. They put an offer on a 3 bedroom condo off of Horizon Ridge (with hardwood floors) and vaulted ceilings, but someone else got it, so they're going back out with their realtor on Friday to look at a couple more. The payments would be $250.00 cheaper a month which is a total blessing to us! MORE BEDROOMS FOR LESS MONEY A MONTH?? SIGN ME UP!

We had dinner with them this week, and they told us what their lives looked like when they were having their first baby. They filed bankruptcy, got both cars repossessed and really struggled. They said that God had put it on their hearts to bless us when I first got pregnant, and wanted to provide us with an opportunity that they were never offered when they were our ages.

The timing couldn't have been worse with us already paying our cleaning fees for the condo we were set to move into, and paying 2 weeks rent...all in all, we've lost $690.00 by not moving into the condo that we had signed a lease for. All of the fees are non-refundable :(

In the long run though, we know that it will be better to save money each month, have secure landlords, and they know that we won't be hosting beer pong tournaments in their lovely condo! So it's a win win situation for all! AND we'll have more space!!! Hallelujah! A BABY ROOM, AN OFFICE AND A BEDROOM??? 3 bedrooms for the first time!!!

So with that being said, we are staying in our current home for another few months going month to month as Angie and Dom work everything out with the bank etc. in buying their new home that we will be renting.

It is predicted that our current home will be foreclosed upon in the next 4 months! Yikes! But we're going to pay month-to-month until then.

Last night we started transforming Conrad's room by moving the couch in our office out, putting our desk in our bedroom, hanging his burnt orange velvet curtains up, and Dustin started assembling his crib! Can't wait to see the end result! Although we won't be able to paint until we get to the new condo, it is still fun to take all of his baby things out and make it HIS room!

Other news: I had another baby shower this past weekend! I received countless baby onsies, tons of clothes etc. AND a much appreciated gift from my mother in law: My rocking chair! I found my rocker on Craig's list for $100 (that is being reupholstered with brown tweed material)...can't wait to show you what it looks like. WE FINALLY decided on baby bedding! Praise God! I found it on I like that it has olive green, brown, orange, and blue. It's a little more trendy than I wanted to do, but it will tie the rooms colors together and it's well made.

I also just purchased this outfit for Conrad to wear in the summer:
I had a Gap gift card burning a hole in my wallet, and I thought this was the sweetest little outfit, especially because, since I'm not having a girl to buy accesories for, I have to find other accesories for our boy, LIKE HATS!!!! My Mom said this outfit is gay looking, but what does she know, she teased my bangs and made me wear stupid 80's hair, so there! I win!


  1. haha. that is precious. i love it. PTL. call me back woman.

  2. oh lovely! The bedding is stinky adorable! I love it. Your precious.

  3. wow that condo situation is going to be totally awesome, where on horizon ridge are you? we are horizon and carnagie (that is spelled wrong) I would love to come over and chat over tea with you. What are you up to on friday night?

  4. those are the EXACT colors that i used for my baby's room.

    you have good taste. :)