Wednesday, February 25



My back hurts, I'm in pain, and I've grown out of my husbands white undershirts to sleep in. can't wait until this is over! Did i mention the third trimester sucks??!!

I've invested in a box of these bad boysTo help my back from not killing me at work. Apparently, the baby is putting pressure on my sciatic nerve and that is what has got me doubled over some days, not able to take deep breathes because of the pain- or hold a conversation.

I DON'T KNOW HOW SOME WOMAN CAN GO ALL THE WAY TO THE VERY END OF 40 WEEKS STILL WORKING...each morning I find myself waking, pleading with God praying "Please give me supernatural energy to get through the day, please help my back to not hurt...please God please, I can't make it through another day....I want to be at home reading a good book, sipping hot tea, taking hot baths, watching re-runs of Friends! Organizing baby clothes!!!" PRAY that I can make it to the end!

That's enough of my woe-is-me, I'm grateful for my job!

and I'm grateful that my co-workers have been barring with me.

I move slow
I waddle
I eat lots of snacks
I forget what my own name is somedays (My boss says I have the memory of a goldfish)
I leave early for Dr's appointments
I lay back in my chair with my feet propped up at the end of the day
I ask clients if i can borrow a quarter so I can continue to empty out the M&M machine next to my desk....that machine was sent directly from the devil himself! It has been my down fall! (Damn M&M's.)

Work has been hectic lately (thank God) so to divert my mind off of my aching back that feels like a million daggars are being stabbed into it daily, I must eat a small handful of M&M's at least once a day....That is the only cure for my back pain, and ThermaCare heat wraps!

I will post a new picture of my huge-ness soon. But if you're wondering what I look like, just imagine a whale and that is pretty accurate to what I look like! A lovely, pregnant, fat little whale! I'm honestly not that big, I don't think I'm a whale.... I'm actually very proud of my baby's growth and size. My belly is beautiful (Eventhough I no longer have a belly button!) I can't wait to see my son's face.


A few weeks ago, I was worried about hospital births, wanting to have complete control of my birth so that I could be "one" with my body, I wanted to go all natural, NO DRUGS, I didn't want a c-section, I wanted to breast feed exclusively (which i still do) But now that I'm at the end of this pregnancy, I am just SO ready to have this baby out, I have NO energy to worry myself about how he comes, I'm letting my plans go out the door and trusting God to have his way with Conrad's birth. I've been so stressed out about not doing a c-section, and not having drugs, but now I'm over it. It's not worth the frustration and stress. If my baby drinks formula, he'll be fine, if he gets cut out of me, it will be fine. I'M OVER IT! JUST COME ALREADY KID!

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  1. Amen! No more stressing! Seeing his face will take it all away...Cant wait!