Thursday, February 26

This week...

1) This week- I Signed up for Twitter. Then realized I'll probably never use it. Someone please explain to me how it works....I just don't see my life as that interesting. Should I be waiting in line at Trader Joe's and have a twitter light bulb go off in my head that says "Gee, I really should tell all of my friends what I'm doing right now, because I'm sure they all are dying to know!" and then be glued to my cell phone "twittering" about how I'm about to make my husband dinner, or that we're going to a movie, or that we're doing this or that....SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TWITTER TO ME! Maybe it's just me, But i feel like I already have enough stupid things that take up my time (myspace, emails, watching episodes of the Colbert Report,blogging, doing nothing etc.) Do i REALLY need more to consume my life?? Unless I've got something REALLY cleaver to say, or insightful, which most of the time I don't. I guess the only argument is that it can be a good "tool" to keep connected with people, but let's face it, I'll probably end up looking like a "tool" twittering about the stupid crap I think of day to day... And no one cares that I'm at Trader Joe's buying really fresh berries and wine. Most of my friends Tweet, but their lives are more interesting than mine I suppose.

2) This week- I Decided to make peach cobbler on a whim without a recipe for the first time, and had my husband in a food coma afterwards....peach cobbler with Ben and Jerry's peach cobbler ice cream?? Some couples have make-up sex, next time we're in a fight, I'll just bake him some make-up cobbler.....
3) This week- I woke up with a smile on my face two days in a row praising God for giving me good rest and feeling like the days were passing quickly.

35 more days of pregnancy!!


4) This week- I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my baby Bjorn, and other wonderful baby things to come on the UPS truck. My baby bedding, and the Gap outfit that I can't wait to hang on it's tiny little hanger!!! (Why is it so fun to get things in the mail??) My face lights up when Boyd, our UPS guy hands me my packages at work! I like to pretend I have no idea what I'm opening, It makes it more fun that way!

5) This week- I Got our taxes done!

6) This week- We SADLY watched the Rebs lose to the Utes and Dustin looked like a sad little boy who just dropped his ice cream cone on a hot summers day...That's depressing. I know that whether UNLV wins or loses, my husbands mood depends on it. But we got to enjoy Grandma Lois's BBQ and potato pancakes! That's not depressing.... on a side note, Lon Kruger is pretty hot for an older man...

7) This week- Our baby is the size of a honey dew melon...

8) This week- I got really excited browsing through the new Alloy catalog, book marking the things I would like to buy might my husband win mega bucks anytime soon. If my husband were a gambling man that is.(These are cute post-pregnancy outfits)!Can't wait to be able to wear cute clothes again! And cute sandals! No more puffy feet!

9) This week- I've realized every thought seems to be about food, what I've eaten, what I plan to eat, what I would like to eat in the next day or so.... Maybe I should twitter about it! Quick, wheres my cell phone!

10) This week- I hung out with Sofia & Avery and we set a date to watch her birthing video...Then I realized, I need to film my birth so I can someday show it to my girlfriends when they get pregnant (Allie) and ease their fears (freak them out) before they have their babies! What a genius idea, to film your birth! I'm all over it!

Tonight I make enchiladas and my parents and brother are coming over to help us get Conrad's room together! Plus, 30 rock is on! Woot Woot! And it's Thursday, Pay day!!! The week just keeps getting better!

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