Tuesday, November 25

My Bff Mr.Toilet

I'm convinced that Buffalo Chicken Wraps from Tropical Smoothie are sent directly from Heaven...I feel like I made love to one just a moment ago....and I'm praying that it repays the favor and stays down.

I can't tell you how many prayers have gone like this "Please God, don't let me throw up, please God, don't let me throw up" ....barf-barf-barf and there goes my lunch! Baby doesn't like spicy food, and I can't stop eating it. So why do I punish myself you ask? Because like my brother said today, "The baby is eating your brain!"

The baby can't possibly eat my brain, but I do feel a tad bit less-smart these days.

I'm telling you, if Lady Cholula sauce and Buffalo Chicken Wrap had a baby, and that baby grew up and got married to Spicy Lime Cheetos, they would have the most delicious children and I would eat every last one of them.

I'm going to go stand over the toilet now.

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