Wednesday, November 26

Mixing two people together

As the emotional roller coaster of hormones takes it's highs and lows through "baby-baking", I find myself in a gitty-childish day dream of laughter and tears as I imagining what our baby's personality will be like.

Will he be super analytical (like his Dad) down to every detail of life from spirituality to the measuring of ingredients for recipes, to studying directions and manuals before performing handy-man tasks or doing something he hasn't done before? (I on the other hand am the trial and error type and hate reading directions, which makes for a lot of frustration!) Will he be shy, sweet, quiet, wise, smart, peaceful, and precise like his Dad or will he be rebellious, loud, embarrassing, creative, stubborn, mischievous, have A.D.D and ride the short bus to school like his Mom?? (kidding) Will he be a dreamer, or a realist? Will he be a finicky eater like Dustin was as a child, or will he be a mini garbage disposal like I was? These are the questions that run through my mind.

I think out of the many things I teach my son, I am planning on showing him how to hide behind corners and scare his Dad late at night! Better yet, throw cold cups of water in his Dad's path as he turns corners of the house! Water fights are always super fun! I imagine us both laughing our butts off as we perfect the art of practical jokes using Dustin as our guinea pig...I expect they both will find ways of which to get me back, if I know my husband at all.... After 2 years of marriage, it still doesn't get old waiting for Dustin to turn off the kitchen light and walk into our bedroom, only to have the glass of water he's holding fly up in the air after I unexpectedly scare him. I love the look on his face as he watches me giggle in delight at myself. Don't get me wrong, I've had countless cups of water poured over my head too. Those are gifts to instill in a child!

One thing we think is certain, our child will have blond curls, and possibly blue eyes. If he's anything like me, Dustin says, "God help us!" and I don't think he's kidding at all. I was a terror. I wasn't afraid to wear dirty diapers as hats on my head and laugh at how silly I thought I was.
Example A:

Will our kid fall out of trees and break bones? Possibly, yes. I broke 3! Or will he be more skillful, more cautious, and less clumsy in sports like his Dad and not ever have the need for neon casts with teddy bears on them!!? I'm crossing my fingers!

Out of the good and bad qualities Dustin and I share, I hope we can raise up a child who most importantly loves people, and loves God, no matter what his personality is like. He won't be a perfect child, like someone I know...
Example B:

But he'll have parents who adore him and love him passionately.

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