Monday, December 1

23 weeks pregs!

The size of my baby- a spaghetti squash!

I went to my Dr's appointment today and it went really well. She said the baby's heart is getting stronger! She said the cramps I have when we go on our walks are due to dehydration and too much activity. I've been having mini contractions, so she said to stay hydrated and slow down on my exercise. Dustin has been motivating me a lot to get out and walk at least 3 times a week, even when I don't want to! We usually go for 1- 1 hour 1/2 long walks. I love getting the fresh air and talking with Dustin on our walks. That has been one of the highlights of my pregnancy.

This weekend, the lady at the check stand at Smiths was noticing my round belly, and kept smiling and giving me little winks. She finally got the courage to say "How far along are you?" She then congratulated me, and said that I looked cute. So I'm at that stage where people start touching my belly and I actually like it. I thought I would hate it, but it's kind of nice. The first few months, I was just getting puffy around the edges and it would be hard to tell if I were pregnant or just fat! Now, even if I suck it in, theres no camouflaging it! The only thing I haven't really enjoyed is when someone thinks I should be smaller than I am for how many months I am, or says they have a friend whose much smaller at the same stage as me. Or compares me to someone else. That's annoying. But touching, that's OK. Just as long as you're not creepy and weird. Dustin encouraged me by saying "If you were fat, people wouldn't be able to tell if you were just fat, or pregnant! People clearly can tell that you're pregnant!" Thanks Dustin.

I did however, make the mistake once of asking someone what they were having, a boy or a girl, and she said "I'm not having either!" Ouch!

This weekend at church, Dustin grabbed my belly like it was a soccer ball & excitedly told some of his old youth group boys that he was going to be a dad! It's cute seeing him really excited! It's hard to get used to the attention that comes with being pregnant but after he's born, he'll have all of the glory, and I'm looking forward to that!

So Christmas is coming up soon! Last night we read the baby A Christmas Story. It was funny listening to Dustin read to the baby. I couldn't help but laugh, it's just so adorable. Then Dustin will say things like "Kick Daddy if you love me!" as he puts his head on my tummy, and to our surprise, the baby kicked Dustin right in the cheek. It may have been a coincidence being that our baby is very active these days, but we enjoyed it.

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