Thursday, February 3

Weekly Surf:

I got my usual call from Dustin as he drove home from work Friday night. He asked what we were having for dinner. I said I was really busy and couldn't get around to making anything-maybe we'd go grab some fast food! He sounded all too enthused to be having fast food! He sighed and hung up the phone in utter disappointment. He was hoping for a hot meal....sad day.
Upon arriving home, he was instructed to tie a scarf around his head to cover his eyes because we were "going camping". I let him in and told him that sadly, we would not be eating fast food after all, but that I had a "camping date" planned for us.....*Please pardon that blank look on my face. I think I was thinking, "Dustin, hurry up and take the picture! I'm starving!"
One Spider man sheet, two baby blankets, and a few strands of lights later, we were enjoying a smorgasbord of deliciousness under our tent with Radio head playing in the background and our toddler's toys scattered on the rug in the living room beneath our feet.
{This is romance.}
....OR this is being broke and making the best of it?!
Sometimes we forget to enjoy the romance and find it amongst the bustle of everyday responsibilities & the hardships of being a young couple with little to spend on fancy dates.

Weekly Surf:

This made me laugh so hard I cried this week

What inspired me to surprise Dustin with a tent date
Such a cute idea to document a baby's growth as the months go by
This shirt is just adorable
This would be a great addition to my plate wall (take note Dustin. V-day is almost here!)
Loving this room
More tent lovin' giving me inspiration for my next engagement shoot
Did you happen to see these lovely hair pieces?
Something pretty & pink or something pretty & green (I'll take both please!)
Might just hang these instead of a mobile for the baby's room
I've been searching for a crib like this one to paint for the nursery
I love the idea of stripes on a ceiling
What lovely accessories these & these would be
This week's home inspiration: black, white, yellow & turquoise
Something that caught my attention & captured my heart this week
This song had been on repeat around the house this week (It gets real good. Wait for it.)
I want this for all of Dustin's books he's got piled up next to his side of the bed
Lusting over these shorts and this sexy studded sweater {I'd wear them together with thigh high boots.}
Can't wait for my favorite MTV show to come back on next week
I've gotten a few emails recently about my plate wall & how they were hung + more plates added
Me, showing off my very first cake, not from a box! (recipe above.) Banana cake is the best cake in the whole wide world. Dustin helped with a lot of it so I could take breaks in between measuring and mixing to make myself a grilled cheese sandwich and rest.... I sat and watched for the most part.
It was hard work.

{Have a great Vampire Thursday!!!}

P.S. Thank you friends, for praying for me this week. I'm starting to snap out of it. (these damn hormones are making me C-R-A-Z-Y!)I'm so thankful for such loving people in my life who intercede with prayer on my behalf when I'm too weak to pray.
It made SUCH a difference. Thank you.


  1. great post ... cake looks yummmmm


  2. SO cute! What a cute idea that doesn't cost a lot but perfect for a nice little night in :)

    And that cake looks REALLY good.

  3. oh so many things to say about this post...
    1. YOU.2.ARE.ADORABLE. Nice work on the camping surprise! (loved the strung-lights touch)
    2. Gyoza and white chocolate dipped know how to do a smorgasbord right! :)
    3. Loved the link to the yellow stipes on the ceiling with the black and white
    4. that banana cake looked tasty! I clicked ont the "yummy treat I made this week" but it wouldn't to link it again? :)
    5. More prayers coming your way...stay strong chica!

  4. so cute chels! DUDE i was reading some of my blog posts during my first trimester and I was going through the SAME THING you are (in terms of emotional instability) READ THEM! I think maybe April/May? I'll find a good one and put it on your FB. <3 love you friend

  5. GAAHH! I know what you mean about the shorts and sweater! So in lust with them! And "My Life As Liz"- totally my high school experience. I laughed and had to roll my eyes at it every episode.

    BUT! Your tent date!! That's one of the most adorable and awesome ideas I've seen in awhile!

  6. This is so cute! And I really want to try that cake. Wrote a little something about you here- :) Have a great rest of your week!

  7. How I LOVE your weekly surf! Also, CANT WAIT for Liz to come back! Too funny :0)

  8. Such a cute date idea! Always love your weekly surf. (it usually takes me about three times to get through it, as my kids interupt me. don't they know i want to look at cute things online instead of feed them? ah, motherhood.)

  9. i'm stealing your camping idea... love it!

  10. Oh my goodness Chelsea. CUTEST idea ever. You guys are precious. Seriously. I love that idea. How fun! And that food looked delicious.

  11. i need to do something like this for my man. we rarely EVER get a chance to go out alone together because of work schedules and bedtime schedules for the little ladies. maybe i will surprise him on valentine's day...:)
    i'm just wondering how the heck you had a chance to make all that yummy food! cooking is SO HARD for me right now!

  12. Thank guys! Rachel, I'll let you in on a little secret. Almost EVERYTHING that we ate was from the frozen section at Trader Joe's..... Rice, orange chicken, macaroni bites, pot stickers-they're all pretty inexpensive too. I microwaved the white chocolate and dipped the strawberries real fast before he got home! Pretty simple. They only thing that was tough was hanging the strand of lights so that it made a "tent" I nailed part of it to the wall and then drapped 2 sheets over so it would cover completely!

    He was pretty surprised and thought it was cool. It's amazing how fun just sitting on the couch eating and talking can be. WAY more fun than eating at a restaurant!

    Please steal the idea like I did and post a picture if you make a tent!

  13. oh my goodness that is the sweetest date! i totally want to plan something fun like that for me and the husband just because now! especially since ryan and i have not been on a date alone in the last EIGHTEEN MONTHS! also, corbins half birthday is coming up and i think that banana cake is just the perfect thing to make him! :)

  14. Love the tent date idea...putting that in the reserves for the future!

    And I cried and laughed my way through that blog post...seriously funny stuff!

  15. You are ADORABLE friend:) Happy husband loving and happy snapping out of hormone craziness, no fun! PS. Called you back, now you're it!

  16. Oh I LOVE that tent date idea. Bet Dustin felt really special!

  17. i love your tent. love.


    and that cake looks delish.

    i am going to email you my brownie recipe - made with honey, whole-wheat flour and cocoa ... so delish!

  18. Yum Sarah! CAN'T WAIT! I've been craving brownies!

  19. y'all are so fun!!! we make forts too!!

    we could so be couple friends!!

  20. What an awesome idea. Love it!