Monday, June 10

"Does The Sun Shine There?"

Was a question I asked my husband a few months back when the idea of our family living in Denver was just being birthed in us. Over the last few months, the Lord has been leading us to a place we never imagined we would go.....

In just five weeks, our family will pick up and head to the mountains of Denver Colorado. Dustin accepted an offer to work in the Denver office with his company. Just as God's favor would have it, we later learned that he beat out four other people who were also hoping for this position (who were more qualified, had already had their professional engineer stamp and their masters degree...)  His promotion will be such a blessing for our family, as will the change of scenery. We are looking forward to this adventure that God is taking us on. We've gotten several confirmations that moving there is God's will for this season of our lives.

It hurts my heart to leave our family, friends AND our church, but we're trusting that there is MORE for us in Denver. We're kind of clinging to that word "MORE" because really, Vegas hasn't been that bad to us. Our best friends are here, our amazing church is work is here.... our kids best little buddies are here.... it's sort of sad to leave that.

The good news, (which brings me comfort) is that I will be back three times between now and February (to photograph fall sessions & doula for three babies that are making their debut in January.) In the meantime, for  my clients who need work done on the fly (last minute) I've got your back! I am working alongside two photographers that I trust have the same vision that i have when it comes to documenting life. They are offering my clients a certain percent off of their packages when they book a session (having had booked a session with me previously). The right thing to do in leaving is to put my clients in the hands of photographers that I trust to treat these friends that I have made with as much care and enthusiasm as I would in capturing the details of their lives. So when I am not able to be home, I can refer my clients to these photographers. BUT also, when I am coming home, I will be more than honored to run around and be goofy and take photographs of your sweet families as It has been my great pleasure to do so in the past. *And I will give you lots of notice of when I will be in town.

I wish you all could truly understand and know all of the intricate details that have aligned perfectly to make this all happen for us. A lot of this has really felt like we didn't "Try" to make it happen... it all just sort of fell into place. We're thrilled, but I'd be a liar if I said that many tearful embraces haven't happened in the last few weeks as this decision has been prayed over and the YES! WE'LL GO! was solidified. I've been a freaking basket case around my closest friends.

If we sit long enough and think about it, we can convince ourselves to stay. This has been my busiest year as a photographer, and my most stressful year as a mom and keeper of my home. I feel like I'm being lead to a season of rest and soaking up God's grace a little bit-just enjoying my small children and the heavy roll of being a better helper to my husband. That is where my worth will draw from. Ministering and loving on my family more this year. There have been times that my job has taken me away from my family (every working mom feels this way) and more than that, times where I feel completely grateful to have such an amazing job where I get to be creative and feel a certain freedom that you get when you work for yourself. Plus, my doula clients & my photography clients have grown more like family than friends. What more can you ask for in a job really?

In our hearts, staying in Vegas doesn't feel right any longer. It's time to go. We've never really put down roots here... we finally feel eager and ready to leave Vegas, the only place that both of us have ever known as home. I'm no longer kicking and screaming (in my heart) about moving, I'm at peace with it. I feel excited and I have an expectant heart for what is ahead.

 I know that I won't be lonely (God gave me this sort of picture in my mind while I was praying about the idea of how lonely it could be to go there and it was a picture of a family that is waiting for us there....) When you find an entire family that you just click with, where the husbands get along and their home feels like your home and you can yell at each others kids when they wrestle each other too hard and you love them like they are family, it's so easy to be around them, but when it's hard, you fight for one another and work your stuff out- I've been grieving the thought of not having that family near us. That's been the hardest part, leaving our best friends. So I'm holding onto that. I will approach each day as an adventure and opportunity to meet new people and get outside of myself.

I can imagine we'll grow more than ever before and I'm ready!

There have been too many weird and unexplainable "God" things that have happened, that have pointed us to this decision. Too many answered prayers and ways that God showed up to push us in this direction.

So anyway, I'm finished rambling.

Please pray for us as we go on this adventure. God has been drawing near to us in a really tangible way recently-it's like we truly can't get away from Him. Everywhere we turn, there is a new and creative way that he's speaking to us and it's {creepy} amazing to feel like we're completely in the middle of his desire for us.

{See you later Vegas!}


  1. This will be such an amazing adventure for your family! It is a new beginning that will open many doors, that town is lucky to have you!

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  3. Welcome to the Rocky Mountains! My husband and I have lived here for about 5 years now as church planters. At the risk of sounding creepy, we would love to meet up with you! I have been reading (blog stalking) you for awhile now and look forward to your posts. Hope your move goes smoothly!

  4. Been reading your blog for a couple years and thought I should finally comment. First of all, congrats! Moving is such an exciting and scary time, but I'm sure you guys will love it. My brother in law recently moved to Denver as a promotion at his company, as well. The pictures he sends me our out-of-this-world beautiful. My fiance and I moved from Indianapolis to Charleston last year and though it has been trying being away from family and friends, we've met so many great people down here and have so many new experiences. Good luck!

  5. oh wow, denver! hope it's awesome!

  6. Very excited for you! Did you get the braces off?

  7. Very excited for you! Did you get your braces off?

  8. good luck! denver is awesome!

  9. I've read your blog for a long while but never commented. I have lived in the Denver area my whole life. It is beautiful here (300+ days of sunshine a year, even on snowy days, by the way) I think you will love it. If you would ever like to meet up, I'd love to (I mean this in the least creepy way possible). I just had my first child and don't know a lot of other moms yet.

    Good luck with your move :)

  10. Anonymous11 July, 2013

    I, for one am stoked your moving there! My husband and I have talked about moving to Denver for a while and are vacationing there in September so we can check out the city. Your an awesome lady, mom, believer and when I first started reading your blog I thought to myself, "I totally want to be friends with her she's awesome!" lol. Maybe one day we will cross paths in Denver :)

  11. I just replied to your anxiety post and now I'm reading this and see you're in Las Vegas! We live in summerlin. You will love Colorado! I went to CU Boulder and the entire state is gorgeous. It'll look like a rain forest to you coming from the desert. :) The people are so friendly and you will enjoy it. I promise. :)

  12. And Ps yes! The sun shines there. Isn't it the sunshine state? There will be cold days, but they aren't brutal. And it is almost always sunny!