Tuesday, October 23

Where Our Feet Will Land.

Dustin will be all finished up with the masters program by July of 2013, our cars are paid off, & we're renting a home. We've dreamed, prayed and thought about where we wanted our family to plant our feet and build a home for ourselves for quite sometime so it seems like next year would be our year to box our life up here and see where God would have us plant our feet for a while. We've been talking and thinking (for years now) and with nothing (almost nothing....) holding us back, we're feeling really ready for a change.

We've talked seriously about Austin Texas, recently we've talked about NewPort, Ca and also the possibility of what our lives would look like in Portland.... All three places live three of my dearest friends, so the thought of living near any of the three of them would just be superb. Also, all three cities are cities where Dustin could transfer, which is a bonus.

The hardest part of dreaming this dream is the thought of leaving our families. I don't know how I'd survive without my mother in law (hangs out with me when Dustin is at school, watches the kids 2-3 times a week so my photography business can thrive-I can edit-go to coffee shop to work & of course, go to shoots.) Having the support of family is so wonderful, I don't know that we could move to a city without friends there to be like that family that we'd be leaving behind.

Also, so many great things are happening in the birth community here in Vegas, I'd hate to leave when we're on the brink of so much change and growth here. I so want to be apart of that revolution that I'm seeing take place of families taking back their birth experiences and the difference that the birth professionals here have made in so many of my friends lives. It's just awe inspiring and uplifting to witness. It would be hard to get plugged into a new group of woman in another city when I'm already so woven into the fabric of these woman's lives. The midwives, doulas and this birth community have meant so much to me as a new mom.

Dustin has a really great relationship with is boss who is well known in the engineering industry. She has been mentoring him and grooming him over the last 3 years and we feel like it was totally God that put Dustin in that roll at the right time when so many of his classmates still have yet to find a job. He has moved up quickly and has received lots of praise for his talent and it would be hard to start from the bottom (so to speak) in a new city. I am so thankful that he has such a wonderful boss & mentor.

But I'm realizing that when things are "hard" it doesn't mean that they aren't worth the work it takes to fit comfortably into your place where ever that may be. We're still praying, dreaming and trusting God to place us somewhere where we can use our abilities to better our community and glorify God.

this week, I quickly texted Dustin this text, 
"We're SO moving to Portland!" 
Then excitedly asked him if I could go visit my friend Sarah 
one weekend and scope out the city..... 


  1. Portland - born and raised!!! So, I'm a little biased, but I think you guys would love it! You got beach, mountain, high desert, amazing forests - all very close by.

  2. What if the place God wants to use you is right where you are? Do you need to leave Vegas after Dustin graduates, or is it just an option? Look to where God can use you, but don't neglect to recognize he's used you - and continues to use you - right where you are.

  3. We mostly just don't want to raise our kids in Vegas. We've never lived anywhere else and have wanted to see what another city could offer. I can't complain though. I've got INCREDIBLE friends and the culture here has really blossomed . I'm used to the heat and our winters aren't so bad.... so i can't complain. BUT, it would be neat to live somewhere else at least once in our lives.

    Good point though. maybe this really is where god wants us for a while, who knows. We'll wait and see. ;)

  4. Portland has always been on our list if we ever move from Utah. We are more rainy, jacket weather people than 95+ degree weather and snow people. But I can't imagine being more than 50 minutes away from my family.

    Good luck!

  5. No. No no no no no. You're moving to Newport. You're MOVING TO NEWPORT.

  6. The comment section is quickly going to turn into a tug of war over you ;) Little do they know, Texas always kicks everyone's ass...
    You already know where I think y'all should be, but either way I know your move will edify Him!

  7. You are incredible Chelsea. I have no doubt, like you said, that God will guide you guys somewhere (next door or out of state) where he'll use you to better the community and better your own little family and bring you even closer together, which will definitely happen if you move away from your families. It sounds like your in-laws rock, and how awesome that you've made such impactful relationships with the women around you. "...when things are 'hard' it doesn't mean that they aren't worth the work" <-- loved that!

    And I'm a little biased being from the PNW, but two thumbs up for Portland! And I followed the video link, that's my friend's video! So glad you liked it!! Pretty rad right? :)

  8. You are lucky to have family so close. I am jealous...very jealous! The closest family I have is a 4 hour plane ride! But has our move been great...yes! Go & explore the world...you can always come back!

  9. We just moved to Oregon a couple of months ago and love it! We live about an hour outside of Portland and it's just wonderful... Everyone kept telling us that it would be such a hard adjustment coming from Las Vegas, but so far it's just been refreshing. The air is clean, the food is to die for and the people are friendly. ... You'll especially love it with your photography business! Everything is just so picturesque!