Sunday, October 21

October Mornings.

Elle watching air planes. 

The crisp October air was quite refreshing and energizing this morning. We took the kids to get a bagel and coffee for us. It was cute watching Conrad spread his cream cheese onto his bagel. He was so serious about it and did such great job. Elle wore her hipster pumpkin hat and Conrad had lots of impromptu kisses to give his little baby sis, which made my heart very happy. We watched the air planes fly overhead and every time Elle saw one she pointed up at it and practically jumped out of my arms. My birthday is next week, so I'm excited to have a nice date with the hubs. I'm really looking forward to some us time. I treated myself to a new birthday skirt and a cute pair of heels from Buffalo Exchange so maybe I'll wear those....

Hope you all are enjoying this season. It's my favorite time of year. It's been fun to bust out the cardigans and boots (even though it's not nearly cold enough for them, I like to pretend.) We'll hit up the pumpkin patch tonight and soak up the last few weeks of Halloween fun.

{Happy Sunday} 


  1. You are the cutest family ever!

    Isaac and I airplace watch almost daily from my parents' backyard because they live right by the Henderson Exec airport. He is OBSESSED with airplanes. It's the cutest thing in the world!

  2. You and your big girl are so beautiful. I love you two so much. I need to drive out to Vegas ASAP. Text me your address please! xoxo