Sunday, August 19

One Day Her Cute Butt Won't Fit In The Sink.....

But for now, Sink baths are her favorite.

Just about every afternoon after her snack, she ends up needing a good hosing down.  
Luckily for me, I have a helper who shoves me aside because he's big and doesn't need help 
giving Lula a bath.....

I will be sad when she's a big girl and that cute butt of hers is too big to fit into that sink, when my counters will no longer be flooded with water and suds and my big boy is too big for standing on a kitchen chair to load his sisters head up with bubbles & play with her in the sink. 

{Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday, darlings.}


  1. Aww lovely photos, really nice memories to keep and look back on!

  2. Sooo incredibly sweet. I love that you cherish the little things like these moments and take the time to capture them. Love the photos. You got mad skills, girl. xoxo!

  3. This is so sweet! My boyfriend has the cutest story about his sister when she was little (about this age!), that she'd been playing outside and got really muddy, so their grandma didn't want to take her upstairs and get everything dirty, so she tried to put her in the sink to clean her off and she really sadly said: 'Don't put me in the sink Grandma, I'm not a cup.' So sweet!!