Thursday, July 12

Our Week In Photos

1 & 2. Snack time
3. Baby girl ate 4 whole plums, turkey & yogurt in one sitting. Heifer. 
4 & 5. After 3 failed attempts to put baby girl down for a nap in her own bed, we took a nap together. 
I had tons of work to get to, but napping next to her was much needed.
6 & 7. So since we've moved into the new house, Conrad has thrown fits nearly very night when it comes time for his nightly bath. It was starting to become a real issue and we had tried everything we could to get him to take a bath without crying, splashing & scaring his sister. The one thing that finally worked was a reward chart. He got a stamp for each night that he didn't cry. The first night (Friday night) he got a sad face. When he saw me draw that sad face with the two tears on it, he lost it and bolted towards the chart, ripping half of it off..... It's getting better-day by day.
8 & 9. Dinner date outfits to Hanks.
10. Wearing my "D" necklace on a date to the movies, 
anniversary weekend. Same necklace that I wore on our wedding day.
11 & 12. Coffee date with my love. 

{Have a beautiful Thursday}


  1. Your family is adorable and you are so beautiful!!

    I love that chart for Conrad. What a great idea. Looks like he's doing pretty well with it?? And Elle is just so pretty!!

    ps- I've decided to go with Sherry from Well Rounded Momma as my midwife :)

  2. First off, THAT'S SO EXCITING! Sherry is AH-MAZING! I attended my first birth with her and she's just wonderful. She has such a peaceful-confident way about her and she's super knowledgable about nutrition! I think you're going to love the level of care you receive and will learn SO much!

    Ps, I know a really great photographer if you think you might want pictures of your baby's arrival.... cough-cough.....

    ;) Seriously though, if you need anything, I am right here-not just a phone call away, but actually IN VEGAS now! Yippee!

    Play dates soon?

    1. Thanks! And yes i would love to plan a play date!

  3. YAY! The necklace got to you in time!!! Did you like the picture also? I hope you did. You and your hubs look SO hot. Also, love what you're doing with Conrad and the baths; also also, LOVE little Elle. She's so gorgeous and plump. MUAH. Love you girl.

  4. Hey friend! Yes, i got the picture! You looked SO gorgeous on your wedding day my love! I felt so honored that you wore it as your something borrowed. It happens to be Dustins favorite piece of jewelry that i own. I don't wear it often though-for sentimental reasons, i fear i'd lose it. I so think Dan should get you his own special "d" for your anniversary that he picks out. Love you honey! Been praying for you-

    Elle is a fatty huh? She's really been growing a lot lately.

  5. I have to admit, I laughed when I read that Conrad got mad about the sad face and tore the chart in half. That so sounds like something my son would do. And I love the chart idea. I think I will steal the idea to help with some areas my toddler could improve on.

  6. We are going through the same terrible tantrums with Clover, we know it has to do with the new baby and it breaks my heart that she is screaming for attention in such a negative/bad way :( I'm about to lose it at times, especially when my husband isn't around. Pearl has been so colic and with Clover throwing tantrums and never wanting to listen, I want to just run in the corner and throw my own tantrum and cry my eyes out. We try so hard to make sure she is constantly shown attention we even have an ONLY CLOVER DAY, my mom takes Pearl and Braden and I take Clover out and make it all about her. But it doesn't matter what we do she still acts out. Oh and we have the same kind of chart, except we call it the "good girl chart" everytime she does something nice, listens to mommy and daddy, brush's her teeth, cleans up her toys, she gets to pick a sticker out of the sticker box and place it on the chart, under whatever catagory...not working to well for us. These days have been hard. You're not alone my friend :)

  7. Your baby girl looks SO much like you! Such a cutie!

  8. You have SUCH a beautiful family. These photos are just mesmerizing. I love the little glimpse into your life. I hope bathtime gets better!

  9. Thanks Rachael, you are TOO kind! I appreciate your sweet words!


  10. That little baby girl of yours is to die for. What a good little eater Elle is! Her plum-covered hand is too precious. :)

    Your reward chart system sounds awesome! Seeing Conrad put the stamps on it is too cute. I need to get something like that going for Brooks...

    I love your "D"ustin necklace...and yay for all those fun dates!! :)