Sunday, April 29

A New Camera:

I often times ask families to incorporate special toys or things of sentiment into our photo sessions, so I thought I would also try to incorporate something that our kids see on an everyday basis. What better than a camera right? I have been searching the web for a vintage toy camera (to use as a photo prop for our family photos) and found this 1988 Fisher Price gem. Conrad has been playing with it all day, running around the house taking pictures with it (pretend pictures, that is), adjusting the settings and whatnot. I am excited that he loves it so much and to have a toy to give him that has sentimental value. 

Doesn't he look like such a pro already? His serious expression kills me. 


  1. So cute! He seems to really know what he is doing! I love finding older toys in good condition. They really are SO much better than the new junk that toy companies make anymore.

  2. Awwww, these photos are absolutely presh! And as always, your photo-taking skills are so inspiring. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Like momma like son. SO precious, Chels. Phone date soon. I miss you loads.