Monday, March 26


Last week was Conrad's birthday week. Everyday I tried to do something fun with him whether it was stopping off to get a Jamba Juice or letting him pick out a few toys in the dollar bins at Target. I tried to make him feel special. Often times he seems to get the short end of the stick because our day revolves around his baby sisters nap schedule or feedings. Thursday night, his actual birthday, we enjoyed pizza, Cupcakery cupcakes, a few gifts & games at Chuck E. Cheese with Ama Denise & Papa Gene. We sang "Happy Birthday" as loud as we could to our big three year old. (It was nice to go on a Thursday since the place wasn't super busy, we got to play all of the games we wanted.) We were feeling rather sentimental singing him Happy Birthday.... Dustin even got a bit choked up, It was very sweet.

Then Saturday morning Ama Cindi & Papa Jim took Conrad to Bonnie Springs to ride the train, pet the animals and have lunch. Apparently,  a turkey bit his finger?.... he's been talking about this turkey ever since. We put Conrad's crib/toddler bed in the garage while my parents were at Bonnie Springs and transformed his bedroom into a big boy Thomas The Train room. I found (an awesomely gaudy) Thomas the Train bed on Craigs list recently and knew that he would die when he saw it all put together. My Mom got him some Thomas wall decals and Thomas bedding.... it's pretty legit. I love that his grandparents spoil him & spend quality time with him making him feel special.

Thursday was his actual birthday and as I was trying to explain to him what it meant to be "born" I said, "Do you remember when my belly was big and Elliotte was in it?"
"Well, you were a little baby once and you were in my belly too! Do you remember that?"
"Yep, I was in your belly."
"And then you were born and you were no longer in my belly!"
"So, I came out of your belly button then?"
    I pause.....
"Well, yes, you actually did come out of my belly!"
"And Elle came out of your belly button too!"
"Um, Elle came out too, but not out of my belly button....."
   He scratches his head and the conversation ends there.

{Goofing around during Elle's morning nap}
It's hard to describe just how honored I feel to have the privilege of raising up this beautiful son of mine. His spirit, his humor, his painfully shy but incredibly goofy self brings me so much joy everyday. Even the not so fun moments of correcting him or giving time-out's-the moments when he climbs into my lap with teary eyes and hugs me, (after pushing his sister down....) are sweet moments. His smile peps me up when the days seem too long to bare. His imagination & silliness help me remember to not take myself too seriously. His child-like faith often is what spurs me on in my own faith. If I'm having a hard day or praying for myself or a friend while we're driving, he usually folds his hands to pray along with me and shouts, "AMEN, PRAISE the WOARD!" as I finish. My relationship with Conrad has grown and evolved into something so precious to me. Next weekend is his birthday bash. He's been talking about it for weeks now and telling me over and over who all is going to be there.....

{Three is going to be a fabulous year!}


  1. Happy birthday to Conrad! Sounds like a wonderful celebration of life.

  2. What a peanut!!! Happy birthday to that big little boy you have over there in Vegas. Gosh darn it I miss you, lady. I love you SO MUCH!

  3. Love your blog, love you!!! Happy Birthday to your sweet boy :) blessings to you and your beautiful family!