Saturday, March 10

Banana Bandit.

Elle is eating big person food.
In my feeble attempts to only give my baby breast milk until she's five.... er. Kidding, sort of.....
In my attempts to allow her stomach to mature for as long as possible and wait until she was really ready, I haven't given her solids yet, or rice cereal (yeah, gross who wants to eat that crap anyway?) 
BUT she's ready. 
She grabbed a handful of rice off of my plate the other night 
and put it right into her whittle baby mouth, raising her eye brows in delight.... 
She's ready. She wants to eat everything. 
Last night she ate corn and black beans (first food). 
We video tapped her shoveling the beans right into her mouth. 
She put her mouth on the edge of the table and shoveled it in. 

Today she was on my lap as I was typing at my computer and she saw half of my 
oatmeal chocolate chip muffin sitting there, grabbed it and put it in her face hole. 
A while later I was changing her diaper and saw brown smeared all over her mouth.
First though?
Oh, god, she's pooped herself and snacked on it! 
GROSS ELLE! Grosssss! 

Then I licked it off and It was chocolate, not poo. 

Needless to say, today, I found lots of little treasures in her diaper!
So yeah, washing diapers is about to get real adventurous. 
{Oh, and she finally sprouted a tooth!}


  1. She is too cute tucking into the banana!

    My little one was the same way about food. I was going to wait FOREVER to give him anything other than breastmilk...and then he reached onto my plate and grabbed a boiled red potato and bit into it like an apple.

  2. Chelsea she is soooo sweet! I love watching her grow up on your blog. She looks so much like you!

  3. I hope I'm not posting this twice...but I want to say that Elliotte is soooo sweet! She looks just like you and I love watching her grow up on your blog :)

  4. WOW!!!! She's growing and changing SO MUCH! I love that you licked off the mystery brownness... You are a risk taker, my friend! Hahahaha!!! Love this.

  5. That first picture might be the cutest baby-eating-banana-picture ever! She's adorable! What a sweet picnic with her big brother!

  6. Your kids are ADORABLE! And I love all the beautiful pictures you capture of them. What lens do you use? I'm just learning about photography and my pics never seem to have the look I want!! :)

  7. So cute! I love that first picture! She is on a mission to eat all the wonderful food of the world! Good luck with those diaper! ;-)

  8. That first pic is TOO adorable!!

  9. "Then I licked it off and It was chocolate, not poo.

    ummm.... GROSS. The things a mom does! :)

  10. thank you so much for your comment on my breastfeeding/teething dilema. it was so encouraging!

    and my MY is she adorable!!

    i'm gonna have to start letting M be a big girl and eat some "real" food... she is tired of the mushy veggies! but she does put everything in her mouth!

  11. ok.. me again...

    just spent the last hour catching up on everything!!!!

    you are so inspiring! you are an encouragement and a blessing! you shine!


  12. She is so pres... Chels! Love it:)

  13. I just can't get over how adorable she is! What an angel. This makes me SO excited. Love ya Chels!

  14. That first photo made me chuckle out loud, that face is precious. Banana monster!