Wednesday, December 14

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

What makes me terribly happy this time of year: 
The smell of pine.
The sentiment of our bride & groom Christmas ornament from our first year of marriage.
Elvis's Christmas album.
Dustin's short bread cookies.
My $4, silvery, old lady loafers from Payless. 
Finding my favorite lipstick in the pocket of my favorite jacket that I haven't worn 
     since this time last year.
Trader Joe's chocolate covered Joe-Joe cookies.
Sneaking around buying surprises!
Elle wearing her brother's old Christmas Pj's. 
Sleeping with our window open.
Letting our 2.5 year old pick out his first Christmas tree all by himself. 
Imagining Mary in labor with the Jesus, giving birth to the baby that would save me from death. 
Getting cards & packages in the mail.
The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. 
Being amused by Conrad's fear of Santa.... AND robotic, fake reindeer. 

{Be Merry.} 


  1. Super sweet! I love your sentiment....especially since Elle has been born.

  2. Your family. Mygosh. I love how your posts are so sweet in one line, then funny, then sweet again. Only you could pull that off.

  3. haha i almost spit out my coffee when i read "real housewives of atlanta". i used to love the OC and NJ ones but then we canceled cable. and they charge you to watch them online. dumb.

  4. these are just precious!

  5. pine + candles + christmas music = my fav

  6. darling photos! that first one put a smile on my face :) how fun that your big boy picked the tree out himself! And I'm sure decorating it was wonderful too :)

    I've never really thought much about Mary in labor...thinking about it now gets me so incredible. <3

  7. Conrad's sweet SMILE!
    And that tiny bun resting on your chest.
    And that beautiful woman of God. Ah, Chels. I love you so much and really strongly miss you. Talk soon. How I wish you could be there in PA on my wedding day, helping me get ready, reminding me of sweet wife things to give to my husband, praying over me. Ah, what I wouldn't give to have you there. I love you so much.


  8. Aww your family is just so adorable and I am deffo a new follower x x