Saturday, July 16

This Week:

-This reality TV couple was in our birth class this week. My midwife is delivering their next baby!
-This week, while walking down Seven Hills, during our morning walk, Conrad & I got attacked by a giant hummingbird sized beetle (which i swore had a stinger) and while swatting at it and yelling at it to go away, I caused my son to freak out too and start crying. I grabbed him out of his stroller and put him on my hip, and continued to fight off this monster sized beetle-wasp bug. All of a sudden I realize a white Escalade pulling up. The guy asks me if I'm OK in a squeaky, high pitched voice and I notice that it's MIKE TYSON?! He asks if we needed a ride because he saw I was pregnant. When he drove away, I noticed that my shirt was half way up over my huge ol' belly. I was pretty shocked that Mike Tyson stopped to help me but also pretty embarrassed.
-This week, I reflected upon this blog post when I was 27 weeks preggers with Conrad and it made me smile.
-This week I ate a spinach salad with a can of tuna on top and half a can of garbanzo beans for lunch. It was heaven.
-This week, Dustin cut my toe nails for me since this baby is so big and my feet are out of reach.
-This week, I was introduced to my friend Laura's new tandem bike named Edward. He's all white and sparkles in the sun! (She loves Twilight just as much as I do!)
-This week, Conrad played a little game, his new favorite game called, "Show baby this" where he puts toys, food or whatever he wants to show the baby on my stomach. It's pretty darn adorable.
-This week, while playing play doh together, the dudes made mommy.
We're going on a "Baby moon" tonight! 
It's not your typical baby moon I guess, but it works for us. We're not actually "going" anywhere....
Ideally, we'd spend a weekend at some fancy bed and breakfast or go to the beach, but we'll be staying home enjoying a quiet house without our toddler. It probably won't be this quiet again for a very long time, so we're going to enjoy it! One day (when student loans are all paid off....) we'll take a much needed trip to the beach. For now, we'll just pretend.

{Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!}


  1. I just died over your mike Tyson encounter.....hahahahahaha

  2. Wow!! Mike Tyson?? hahaha that would be so weird and awkward ;)

    Good Luck with your last weeks of pregnancy. You really look fantastic and I admire all your convictions and the research you are doing. Your babies are lucky to have such a loving mom!

  3. your husband cutting your toenails... sweetest.

  4. Enjoy the babymoon:-) We'll be doing one in a few months! xoxo

  5. Anonymous17 July, 2011

    oh my, so cool that you had celebs in your birthing class! but i have to ask, which wife was it? ;)

  6. cute, cute photos! :) mike tyson!?! wow!!

  7. Mike Tyson? Amazing! That's pretty thoughtful of him actually.

    My friends have a tandem named Jeffrey. Named tandems are apparently the totally in thing right now?

  8. The Mike Tyson encounter is hi.lar.ious.

  9. A bike named Edward (haha! love it!), Mike Tyson, and polygamists? Sounds like quite the week!

  10. i meant to comment on this and let you know that it made me laugh out loud! oh the adventures of a pregnant woman :)

    btw... so close. we are so so close!!

  11. I've seen those scary beetles near my house, too! I think you're right about the stinger... So nasty!