Tuesday, December 30

27 weeks preggers

During this pregnancy, Dustin and I have seen many firsts in our relationship. FIRST time I've needed help putting on my shoes, FIRST time we experienced a plus sign on a pregnancy test, FIRST time we've gone to bed by 7:45, FIRST time I’ve had to ask him to push me up out of bed if he notices I’m struggling to get out of bed (Like an old lady), FIRST time I’ve blamed gas on my husband in public, and FIRST time I’ve asked him to hold a mirror "down stairs" so I can tend to the "lady gardens" (Do I even need to do the " " quotes for you?? I'm pretty sure you know where I'm going with this!)....Boy was that an experience! I've never seen my husband look so interested, amazed, and intrigued- like "Wow babe, so that's how you make it look like that!" He looked like a skilled surgeon holding that mirror ever so steady and intently. "Yep, it's pretty mystical huh?? My womanly secrets have been revealed." Usually I lock myself in the bathroom for an hour or two while I magically beautify and come forth to his amazement looking like a goddess, but since I was starting to look like a 70's porn star I figured not all secrets can be kept forever. I was considering getting a Brazilian, but decided against it because of the pain I experienced before I got married....I'M HAVING A BABY AND CONCERNED ABOUT PAIN?? Just the screaming, ripping of hair, and blood doesn't seem that hot to me right now. And I can’t seem to locate my southern regions, so I require a little more assistance in the grooming department these days. But these are the joys of marriage and experiencing this thing together right? (I know I can't be the first expectant woman to request her husband's help with such a thing) I never thought I would ever NEED him like I have. It is so profound how intimate our relationship has become because of my pregnancy. Anything goes. I feel like he has now seen and heard every single embarrassing thing he could have seen me do at this point.

Conrad is the size of a cauliflower!
Let the 3 month count down begin! I feel like I’m nearing the homestretch now even though I STILL have 90 days to go, or 3 months, or 12 weeks....but whose counting right?? I'm just glad it's almost over. I'm excited to meet Conrad for the first time. I'm excited to run again and have a glass of wine, or wear my favorite faded skinny black jeans. I'm in NO rush to get back to a size 2 again though- and maybe I'll never be able to wear them again (a baby is a better trade off) I'm more concerned about bonding with my baby and nursing than wearing my jeans right away. I want to be realistic about it and give myself time. But I'm looking forward to having him on the out side world. I'm excited to see the two coolest men in my life cuddle....I'm excited to see my husband hold his son adoringly.


  1. can you please just write a book!? this is so good. I can't wait to meet conrad either!!!

  2. Oh honey, do i have a book to loan you girl!