Friday, July 1

The Nameless One:

At this point we STILL don't have a name for the baby! I know, I know! What's the hold up? Picking a name seems impossible. We thought we had a name for each, but now we're both not sure at all. When we named Conrad, we knew that his name was Conrad but no one seemed to like it,  you can't shorten it to make a nickname and it's sort of hard to say, but we couldn't not name him his name. I actually remember really wanting a boy just because I wanted to name him Conrad. It's like, we liked his name but we didn't like it but secretly we loved it.... We really love it now, don't get me wrong, but at first it really had to grow on us.

I think we've decided that once we actually see the baby, we'll nail down it's name. That's one thing that we're excited about when it comes to not knowing the sex, and not naming the baby before we see him/her. We'll be able to look at our list and hold our baby and say, "She/he totally looks like a _________!"

Some of the names we've been throwing around include the names listed below.

When it comes to girl names, I LOVE masculine names for the first name but super girlie names for the middle name (there's a lil' hint for ya.) I love the name Rosie and Ruby but Rosie Robbins sounds like a porn stars name and Ruby was already taken by my brother. For the most part, "r" names are out of the question. We had considered calling Conrad Roman before we chose his name but it sounded too matchy-matchy.

Girl names:

With boy names, we consider a few things. Does the name sound like it could be the name of a lawyer and also a rock star? It has to be able to go both ways. It has to have a nerdy feel to it but also a cool feel to it too. Will he have 19 other dudes in his class with the same name (only 250 boys were named Conrad last year in the U.S. Dustin was curious and looked it up.) And is it "too weird" and reaching too far to be different. Is it  practical? Does it sound like a pimp's name?

Boy Names:
Everett (Dustin's g-pa)
Abraham (Abe or Abram)

(A photo we sent to Dustin yesterday while we were playing dress up with my photo booth props. Conrad was a clown, a pirate & a lion. He had to show Dustin his horse. That's what he's trying to do in this photo.)
So the baby's first and middle names are both on these lists of names. I thought it might be fun to see what names you guys loved from the lists and what two names (boy and girl names) you would put together out of the names shown above.


  1. Names! So fun! I love thinking about names. It will be SO HARD for us to choose a name too.

    For girls, I LOVE Elliotte, Monroe, Harper & Gwen...the boys...Larson & Harrison seem like great rockstar/lawyer names.

    Still, you have a great list. Whatever you pick will fit them perfectly I'm sure! Good luck!

  2. My dad and great grandpa are both Conrad's. My dad shortened his to Con. I don't know how you feel about that - I'm so used to it that I think nothing of the name Con. I know this post is about names for the new baby, but I've never heard of anyone with the name Conrad outside of my family, so I had to share! :-) I agree with the masculine names for girls - my daughter is Elleanor, I want to call her Lenny when she's older. :-) Hence, I like Jaymes - I had a student whose name was Rhyan (I know it's an R name), but it was such a cool name for a girl!

  3. We have a girl Hartley in my family. It was my grandmother's maiden name and now my cousin's first name. I love it!

  4. I like Jaymnes Eliotte or Gwen Harper for a girl and Clark Gideon for a boy :]

  5. Love Owynn for a girl. Owynn Harper Robbins is so sweet. For a boy I'm totally digging Abraham (Abey cute!). Maybe Abraham Leighton Robbins? You guys come up with such awesome, unique names. Maybe you should name my next baby. Although if it's a boy, we're stuck naming him Isaac the fourth. If it's a girl though, you're hired!

  6. First of all, that is quite a list!!

    I like Jaymes for a middle name so I think I'd go with Rosalie Jaymes. And for a boy I like Everete Hartley. I love the idea of naming kids after family.

    We have always wanted to name a little girl Betsy.. but I'm not sure if Betsy Bridges sounds like a 50's house wife or a stripper.. so I think if we ever have a girl we'll just go with Stella. And all of our boy names are Biblical: Elijah, Adam, Boaz (and call him Bo), Ezekial.

    I can't wait to hear what you guys pick!!

  7. I was just thinking about the name Gwen the other day. I love Eliotte and Liv too. And GIDEON! I loooooove that name. Every now and then I make a list of "what if" names and Gideon is definitely on it.

    I can't wait to see what you guys pick!

  8. I actually love love love all the names! Wow....decisions! I am so sorry I have not commented lately. I visit your blog daily but blogger will not met me leave a comment from our home computer...i just hate trying to type on this smart phone...but I had to leave you some love.

  9. great names! i'm a huge fan of palmer for a girl too. and we already have boys names picked out and aren't even close to wanting kids. but if we have girls, i'm not going to know what to do!

  10. I think naming a baby is the hardest part of the process. I know most people love it, but for me, its so difficult. So much pressure to get it just right. Here are my picks from your list:

    Harper Elloise (Harper is on my short list of girl names, so I am thinking that is why I went with it for you!)

    Harrison Davis (or Everett)

    Have fun getting a short list of names for your baby so you can name 'em when you see 'em. My last baby was a surprise (and so is the one I am carrying) and we didn't have a name picked out, just a list. But literally my husband and I looked at each other after he was born and said the same name. It was cool.

  11. I love Kade for a boys name I was wanting to name my son that (after my brother who passed away in 07) but hubby didn't want to.

  12. Great names!

    My take: I've never been a fan of made up spellings, even to feminize male names. It's a lifetime of correcting people, really. I looove old fashioned ones. I'm really surprised that Conrad was so badly recieved!! I think its a lovely solid masculine name that isn't TOO old man, it's not like Grover or Rutherford, or other dead presidents...

    Chick names: Etta, Maren, Harper (though i think this is increasing in popularity. good for a middle name maybe), Jules, Gwen

    Dude names: Clark, Everett, Gideon, Davis (my friends new baby is named this!), Leighton. Hartley sounds beautiful and very Southern (also love Ashley for a man!) but it might be too girly for where you live. The first five on the boy list strike me as wayyy too porny.

  13. Anonymous01 July, 2011

    I will vote for Cash for a boy. I have a little boy named Nash Beckett. Cash was our 2nd choice!

  14. You are an excellent name picker-outer! I really like these names you are considering.

    To pair them up, for first and middle names, I think you could go with many different combinations, but my favorites might be--

    For a little lady: Rosalie Owynn Robbins
    For a little man: Everett Clark Robbins

    I can't wait to see which name "sticks" once you meet your new babe!

  15. LOVE love the name Etta (if you don't use it, or even if you do, I want to call my daughter that one day) also love the name Cade. SO much.

    For boys, Rexford and Larson for sure.

    I love you.

  16. When I was pregnant with our last I liked the name leighton for a girl but my husband was a no go. Since she was born we saw the movie country strong and my husband was introduced to leighton meester and now likes the name:\ but we have a Lea Marie instead!

  17. i love liv. :) yep. yep.

    but its probably bc I have a Livia. :)

    8 weeks old!

    i love the name gwen, :)

  18. I love harper jaymes for a girl. and for a boy I like everette and cash...My girlfriend just named her son cash and it is just so cute, it fits him perfectly. Their daughter is Ocean, so Cash goes great with it!
    We need help with boys names, can anyone think of something with an X in it?

  19. oh and leighton i love that for a girl! My middle name is Lee too so it would work!

  20. This is so much fun, it makes me want to have a baby RIGHT NOW! :) I love the name Harper. That's been our "girl name" for a while now. I think Jules Monroe is lovely for a girl. And Everett (I'm a fan of family names) Hartley for a boy. I always wanted to name a boy Britain, but my Scottish hubby is totally against it. :)

    Oh and Happy Anniversary!

  21. I love, love, love, Amos for a boy!! That is on my list for my next one! For girl names I can't tell you which one I like the best from your list. It is so hard to name girls (In my opinion!!).

  22. I would say Cash if its a boy -- I wanted to name our son Cash SO BADLY! But we got a negative response from our families and winded up straying from it. We ended up with Mason, which I love and it fits him so it all worked out. So whatever you pic- dont listen to any negativity! lol..
    Silus is another beautiful name from the Bible. But in all honestly, all of the names lined up are great!

  23. so CUTE!! my votes/favs from your list for G/B : Etta & Davis :)

  24. I like Harper and Gwen for the girl and Cash and Gideon for the boy!! All of these names are so creative and adorable though (:

  25. Aww so exciting!!
    We are naming our first baby girl Elliot. :] It's been my favorite name since jr high.

  26. Awesome selection of names! I like having a few names to choose from and then deciding when the baby is born, so it's fun to see your choices. We're considering Etta too, but my husband likes it more than I do. Gwen is super cute and I like Leighton for a boy or girl. I'm obviously focusing on girl names 'cause that's what we're having, but I love the unisex direction, too.

  27. Gwen Eloise would be lovely for a girl :) Love all those names! And for a boy, I like Abram Cash :) Good luck!! Can't believe you'll have your little one in your arms so soon! :)

    and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Hope you guys has a fabulous weekend celebrating you marriage :) and a fun 4th!

  28. I thought Harper Elloise when I looked through the list for girls, and perhaps Amos Everett. Such unique names! :)

  29. For a sweet little girl I think Etta is so great! I also love the awesomely cool name Liv, and Elloise is sweet too. I've also always loved the name Marlys, and I think it kinda suits your style.

    The combos I like are Etta Jaymes and Elloise Maren.

    For a boy I like Harrison Davis so super much! So cute!

  30. My husband and I know we're having a boy and we cannot agree on a name. What I like, he doesn't and vice-versa. We named our daughter in 2 seconds but this time its not that easy.

  31. liv and maren....of course those are my favorites!!!!!

  32. Congratulations! I love your blog and Conrad is just the cutest little man.

    I like Rosalie Jaymes for a little lady and Harrison Everett for a boy.

  33. Don't feed bad. We did not have a name for Lochlan until he was lying on the floor next to me. They were like, "What are you going to call him....???" I looked at David and with slight hesitation said..."L-o-ch-lan??..." it stuck. You will know when you see your baby.

  34. Anonymous05 July, 2011

    Girl: Liv Harper or Owynn Rosalie
    Boy: Larson Clark or Hartley Cash


  35. why did i already think you said it was a boy?!... this whole time i thought you were having another little dude!

    anyway, i agree with masculine girls names! my favorite from each list aaare...

    Rosalie Jaymes {i reeeeally like elliot, too}
    Marsden Clark

    i think those both work really well with Conrad! i am so happy and excited for you eeeeee!