Thursday, April 7

Weekly Surf: Photography Edition

I thought we'd take a tiny break from birth stories today
and enjoy some pretty pictures!

Gorgeous hospital birth photos that got me all teary eyed
SUCH a super cute way to document your pregnancy (I'd love one of these)
I could spend hours on this photogs website
Love the lighting in these shots
Such a beautiful lil' lady, photographed in her beautiful girlie-girl room
wow, these bright, whimsical new born photos make my heart skip a beat

Don't you just feel SO inspired
after seeing those beautiful images?

This photo above is one I shot during my mission trip to Thailand while peering through some trees
at a group of pre-schoolers during morning prayer at the Christian village we served at.
(I promise it wasn't as creepy as it sounds.)

Today at my woman's bible study the question was asked, "What makes you feel closest to God?" and I immediately thought, "When I run and when I photograph people." (Of course through spending time with Him in the word, I feel close to Him, but you can do lots of other things to feel close to God. I had a friend who would go and fly a kite by himself and spend time with God that way.) I have had moments while running when I knew that it was only by surrendering to Him and leaning on Him for strength that I was able to keep going. I've had moments where I've gotten shots that made my heart melt and explode, and I knew that it wasn't my "super awesome artistic ability," It was God. These two things totally changed my life. Having had such intimate moments with the Lord through these two loves that he's fashioned in me have been absolutely revolutionary to my understanding of who He is, and how I can worship Him through them.

*I've gotten several emails, texts & comments from woman who are enjoying the birth stories and I'm so so glad you are. Each story is unique from the next, which makes them fun to read. I'm learning a lot from each story, so thank you to the woman who have submitted their story. There are many more to read in the next few weeks! Feel free to comment and share your thoughts, questions, concerns, & fears.... finding the answers to your birth questions is unbelievably liberating. I'm sure the ladies would also love to hear from you also!


  1. Matt Chandler asked that question one time in one of his sermons and it was the first time I had heard that question.. or even thought about it. For me it has to be when I'm listening to and singing worship music. Sometimes I just sit at the computer with itunes up, listening to some of my favorite songs with my hands in the air and singing as loud as I can.

    ps- the second link isn't working :/

    And thank you for the birth stories.. they have been awesome. Turns out that Mae and I now live in the same town (Ben and I just moved to Texas). Small world right??

  2. Oh Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea.
    Wow I love you.
    I love the things you've been sharing, and I'm not even a pregnant lady, OR a married lady! I am becoming more and more passionate for the amazing gift of childbirth and it's awesome, because I'm learning the ways that I actually want to have a baby or babies in the future, Lord willing.
    I love you.

  3. This surf was soooooo good. Thank you.

  4. I'd love to see the second link! And I love the colorful newborn pics, too! And your photo from Thailand. Beautiful, mama!

  5. awesome links! can't wait to check them all out :)
    those engagement pictures are truly beau-tiful!!

  6. Those newborn pictures with with the 3 sisters are amazing!!!!! so cute!

  7. I wanted to comment how much I love the birth stories, I think they're each so amazing and inspriational. It's giving me a lot of things to think about and consider in the future years when the time comes for me. It's beautiful to read each woman's story.

    I have to say, running has become a great savior to me as well, great personal time with God.

    Thank you for your inspration.

  8. I love that photo - such a sweet moment.

  9. That pregnancy book is so amazingly creative. I love it.

  10. I love the idea of a maternity shoot at a carnival! so cute :)